Merveilles Jam Thread

I know we're not friday yet, but let's start up a thread with resources and things so people can get organized.


@maru First off, if you need help getting the mac setup or learning about basic Hypercard stuff, @cancel has a lot of resources and images, see this thread.

@neauoire @maru @cancel a simple how-to:

Step 1: install mini Vmac

Step 2: Download from here

Step 3: Extract the downloaded archive; find the MacPlus v3 ROM in the 128KB folder, and put it in the same folder as your Mini vMac executable. Rename it to vMac.ROM

Step 4: Download the hypercard boot image from here

Step 5: run Mini vMac, and drag the hypercard boot image onto it

@neauoire @maru i hope it'll be azerty, i know qwerty but it's not convenient for me ;_;

@grey no it doesn't any medium's fine. As long as it's black and white.

@grey and don't make something too big, try to keep it under 5mb.

@neauoire @maru Great! Because I'd love to share that with a couple of people but i don't know where to start :p

@yhancik @maru this thread is a good place to start, but yeah, wait til tomorrow!

@raphaelbastide @maru i think "tools" & "art" are equally valid areas

besides, 5 minutes is more like a recommendation as i see it

@cblgh @maru Ok and last question, is this Merveilles membres exclusive?

@raphaelbastide @maru nope! as far as i know all friends of merveilles can join :3

i suspect we'll mostly be chatting a bunch here on fedi during the jam, and then at the end i think there was talk about a web gallery showcasing the produced hypercard stacks, somehow

@neauoire correct me if i'm wrong anywhere ^_^

@cblgh @neauoire would be amazing to have an online emulator like on so anyone can try them out without having to install a whole emulator at home!

@maru Full guide is up, including downloads of disk images, manuals, reference sheets:

Let me know if you find a mistake or want something added!

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