Follow Financials, July 2022 

Patreon: $105.43
OpenCollective: $21.53
Ko-Fi: $8.96
Liberapay: $12.39

Total: $148.31

DigitalOcean: $62.60
Mailgun: $1.31

Total: $63.91

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over
$2009.48 Financials, July 2022 

@maru imagine if this is how larger companies funded their costs. Complete transparency on how much money they’ve recieved, from where the money came, and where the goes.

They could even have goals like “once we raise x amount we can hire y position to improve the product/service” Financials, July 2022 

@nx @maru I want to open a coffee shop co-op in my town where the financials are on the menu board like this, and then directly connected to the cost of the coffees on the menu, just to get people thinking about how much of the money they spend at retail is going towards labor/materials vs profit/rent.

related note on the original post: i wonder how difficult it would be to see how much "spent" money from contributors goes towards platform/transaction fees? Financials, July 2022 

@jakintosh thats a really good idea! would love to have some kind of framework that can be shown to shops so they can adopt similar practices themselves. Maybe with its own sorta "stamp" so its easy to search for shops that do this Financials, July 2022 

@nx have you heard of the project? it's an interesting specification for capturing more "complete" flows of resources and labor within economic transactions, and I've been inspired by some of their thinking. I'm personally (slowly) working towards building out some resources (informational and technical tools) to implement these types of systems in practice, and really hope to eventually pilot it with an IRL "alternative economy" retail shop.

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