Follow Financials, October 2022 

Patreon: $98.54
Liberapay: $61.31
OpenCollective: $64.30
Ko-Fi: $94.34

Total: $327.50

DigitalOcean: $64.80
Mailgun: $1.45
Gandi: $46.35

Total: $112.60

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over
$2344.70 Financials, October 2022 

@maru are any income options preferred over others? Financials, October 2022 

@k9d Nope! All the options are there so you can decide what works best for you, should you decide to donate :3

Patreon is our most popular one, it's the easiest/most convenient, and initially it was the only one. Some folks here weren't comfortable with donating through a for-profit company though, so that's where the other options come in. Choose whichever one works best for you, if you'd like to donate! Financials, October 2022 

@k9d ah, correction: initially we only had ko-fi, then we added Patreon, then Liberapay and OpenCollective came afterwards!

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