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Patreon: $100.75
OpenCollective: $2.54
Ko-Fi: $13.48

Total: $116.77

DigitalOcean: $51.00

Total: $51.00

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

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Don't forget to upload screenshots to your game! They will appear on this page:

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@maru the real hyperjam was the friends we made along the way...

Hello everyone! You can now start submitting your project to the jam page on Itchio! The submission is open until wednesday :maru: :mac:

Oh, by the way, it only starts on Friday night.

Take the time to setup a good working environment in the meantime. 👋

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It's not necessary to be using hypercard for this jam, you can use this opportunity to make something with another tool you've been meaning to learn. We're only asking that if you wish to use the hyperjam hashtag that you make something in black and white, the project shouldn't be more than about 5 minutes of runtime, and the built project shouldn't be more than about 5mb.

If you have any question, ask via the tag. Have fun!


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Finally, here are the official details for ! In the following link, you'll find setup instructions to get hypercard up and running, and some details about everything else!

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@maru Full guide is up, including downloads of disk images, manuals, reference sheets:

Let me know if you find a mistake or want something added!

Merveilles Jam Thread

I know we're not friday yet, but let's start up a thread with resources and things so people can get organized.


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@neauoire title card for the HyperCard guide page something like this?

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It is decided, Merveilles is hosting an interactive art jam on the first weekend of April, starting on friday evening.

I'm sure you can guess what the only rule is. See you there :maru:

Which weekend would best work for you, availability wise, so we can get as many people at once.


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We're hosting a small instance wide jam this month, we're we'll each work on an interactive project and share the progress on here.

More details below:

Hello 👋

While it is encouraged on the instance to share personal projects, it is discouraged to use the platform as a "brand", or to use your account to do repeated promotion of products. You're welcome to create an alt account on another instance and promote these toots, keep the local timeline free of advertisements.

We have closed user registration for the time being. If you have a friend whom you'd like to invite just get in touch 👋


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