Heya Merveilles !
I just released my first "music" EP (album?) on Bandcamp: gentil.bandcamp.com/album/soli
It's a selection of tracks based on recordings from a century ago.
If you like , , or , you might enjoy (parts of) it!
It's -licensed, and pay-as-you-feel + all proceeds go to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. ✊ 🌈
Boosts appreciated 💚

I'm getting a decent grasp of lisp. I've moved on to the Land of Lisp book which is more fun to work with.
After a few chapters when I get better at lisp I hope to start on a project I've been outlining regarding plants and gardening, it may be too ambitious but that's no reason not to try since I've plenty of time :trisight:

I've been using Emacs exclusively for about two months now and I asolutely love it. I've utilized org-mode, magit, dired, elisp, and REPLs for most of my projects. I never thought I'd get a hold of emacs before and now I can't imagine not using it.

I was yelled at by an unhappy citizen. I feel empathy.

— Geshud Rabedïngiz, expedition leader

I'm on Chapter 6 of Practical Common Lisp and I've been writing org notes and following along with the books.
If anyone is interested in Common Lisp this book is an amazing starting point, going into the interworkings of lisp and how it works.

I've been trying to focus most of my time this week learning Lisp, and it's been really interesting. Such an amazing language.

I'm thinking that in the next coming days/weeks I may start moving my secondary machine over to KDE Manjaro since I like KDE. I just have to find an alternative for Affinity Designer since that's the last bit of proprietary software I can't seem to find a viable alternative for, at least for large-scale projects (100+ artboards).

Just a thought, but for those using MacOS, if Apple decided to remove Ruby from the OS install or updates what would that do to projects like Homebrew/Brew and the Ruby community?

Yet another album on Bandcamp out today:
Feels nice to finally have it out there rather than just sitting on a HDD somewhere. It's nothing special, just music from a couple years back that I never got to release.

I'm redoing my Bandcamp page today and uploading all the work I've been meaning to. Still not everything but I should have one album up today and the rest probably this weekend.
I'm having to master files I've had since 2013 to sound halfway decent for release.

All (home-)work and no play?

GOG got you covered with a load of free games:


I hope you are all well today, this moment in time is great for introspection, reading, and creating.

Heads up! All of the textbooks on Cambridge Core are open access until the end of May: cambridge.org/core/what-we-pub

Dwarf Fortress 

Here's that list of books to download that I had promised. I got together all the PDF books on my computer atm to share so others can have something to read and not be bored.
Be safe out there :tealheart:

I think tonight or tomorrow I'll upload some books to my server and share the link so other Towns people can enjoy some reading.
I know having a good book in a time uncertainty can help.

Musicians algorithmically generate every possible melody and release them to public domain:


"To determine the finite nature of melodies, Riehl and Rubin developed an algorithm that recorded every possible 8-note, 12-beat melody combo. This used the same basic tactic some hackers use to guess passwords: Churning through every possible combination of notes until none remained. Riehl says this algorithm works at a rate of 300,000 melodies per second."

I'm going to try sometime this week to move my journaling and notes to 50% org-mode 50% handwritten.
I'm intrigued by org-mode's complexity but have yet to actually take a deep dive. I'm already quite immersed in emacs, it just feels like the next logical step

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