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x200 Machine Update 

I configured Guix to work how I like with ratpoison as my wm of choice with everything pretty much being centered around using emacs
So far it's mainly been understanding the quirks of the Guix system that is somewhat frustrating, but it'll take time to learn

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Finally managed to cleanup my gpg keyring and create an updated gpg key.
Nowit can be available on my site so people can email me.
Next is to setup subkeys which will be fun

When you think about it on a global scale, it's immensely distressing how much of the world commits their lives to things that will never bring them joy.

x200 Machine Update 

Guix is back up and running, I decided to just stay with ratpoison as my wm for the time being.
It seems like there's an issue with closing the x200 lid that causes x to freeze my computer, so I'll be making the move to sway again and remove gdm.

There's some things to do, but everything works and I'm able to use emacs how I like and edit system files with no issue. I don't have much going on so it's nice to work on something new.

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x200 Machine Update 

Something happened with or bash, I'm not sure so having to start over again, which isn't a big deal.
I'm trying to find a way to remove gdm and just have the TTY rather than a login screen like my x200 had before.
Sway and wayland are really neat, but was running into issues with running wayland and X at the same time which wasn't the intention.

Lot's of learning but really rewarding setting this up and figuring out how Guix works.

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I'm working on a project with my wife that is in the testing phase, and it's looking to be possible for us, it's just a matter of pricing for materials and moving forward with these clients.

x200 Machine Update 

So I've installed Guix, setup emacs, and now I'm configuring sway and wayland on my machine.
So far Sway's config is just like i3, so I'm hoping to take my old config and trim down all the commands I didn't use. After I setup Sway how I like my system will be ready to go which is awesome.

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x200 Machine Update 

Taking the plunge today by formatting my SSD and installing Guix.
My arch build was having issues with the amount of AUR packages I had installed which was against what I was after with minimalism and simplicity.
Now I'm just having this machine focused on Emacs+Guix+Guile+Lisp work and not having many 3rd-party programs outside of Emacs if possible.

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x200 Machine Update 

I'm thinking about trying Guix+Sway as a replacement for Arch+i3 on my x200 machine.
Since moving towards an emacs-focused workflow I've been looking for alternatives.
I'll start messing around with VMs next week and create a blog post on what I find.

Taking another stab at SBCL and I'm enjoying it a lot more having read more texts on lisp and functional programming since the last time I touched lisp.

I'm currently going through a list of programming challenges to see how far I can go just relying on reading documentation.

SBCL, Lisps 

I'm looking back at my SBCL work and now wanting to work on some new projects with SBCL. I'm finding the code-as-data approach to be easier to understand the more I work with it.

The new A11y Project website is stunning. Tatiana Mac has really proved that accessible design can be beautiful inside and out. 😍 👏

Also I’m totally thrilled to have Accessibility For Everyone featured on there. What an endorsement! 💚 📗

Nothing Important, Life Stuff 

I haven't updated my repos lately, I've felt mostly uninspired from a combination of things in life.
I need to really put myself into the mindset I had earlier this year and work on more focused projects.
I think I'll be taking courses for the time being as I feel far behind compared to others in my field.
This is a topic maybe more suited as an in-depth blog post on my site.


I'm thinking recently about the PinePhone, I care only really if the phone can make calls a receive texts reliably, anything else is a bonus.
My S5 is holding up well with LineageOS so I'll most likely stay with that until it breaks. I care about how long a phone lasts and this phone has lasted me fine for as long as I've had it, only issue has been GPS for when I travel.


It's also worth mentioning that I had thought about removing CSRF but reluctant due to XSS attacks and having to write some other way deletion is handled.

I may end up using JavaScript to solve this, so this will require some reading tomorrow on best practices and perhaps look into Rails and see if anyone has solved it there.

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I believe I've reached a wall in my current project.
It seems the amber framework relies on webpack and subsequently jquery to handle csrf tokens.

I've since removed all JS/Webpack from the project and have got everything except delete requests working, not sure why.

I'm having now to figure out how to solve this with minimal or no JS and it's proving difficult.

Tomorrow I hope to figure this out and work on the last bit before launching v1

Recreating a ticketing app I had written almost a year ago in Laravel in Amber and it's coming along great.
Amber applications are so small (~100kb) and run on smaller machines.
I plan to write a blog post that goes more in-depth of the good/bad of the Amber framework after getting to a stopping point in this project.

I hope when crystal moves to v1.0 that they rethink or expand upon how shards are handled shards because right now they're hosted mostly on GitHub, and if the repo changes all projects that rely on that shard will be broken.

Maybe not a CDN but maybe some form of caching could solve this. My amber project had to redownload all the assets after failing six times, I could image this being more frustrating if I was deploying live or something.

RE: Gitea, federation 

With more Gitea servers out there I wonder if Gitea could be improved with some sort of federation, allowing people across servers to contribute and such. Would said federation take away from the privacy-focused approach some of these providers take?

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