I'm compiling a list of different hosting/git/server providers to put on my wiki for others to checkout. So in a little bit I should have something for everyone to see and possibly contribute to


I'm hoping others will find this resource useful as I'd like to help guide more to FOSS alternatives.

Please let me know if something should be added or removed.

@materialfuture You might want to add @codeberg a Gitea fork.

Also Gitlab and codeberg allow you to host static content too, so you could mention that in basic site hosting too.

Some other recommendations: The Fediverse (mention some specific things like peertube, pleroma and pixelfed), Invidious (youtube alternative frontend), nitter (twitter alternative frontend) , dev.lemmy.ml (alternative reddit)

I probably missed a bunch of stuff though.

@materialfuture @codeberg ha, hosting providers, oops. Ignore the last stuff.

I believe that there is something to write with which uses the Fediverse, but I forgot the name of it.

@RMW Thanks for the recommendations, I'll be sure to add those!
And no worries, I think my post may have been worded poorly. That being said I will most likely make one for general service alternatives

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