Good question to ask here, are there any recommended sites to practice the Japanese kana? I'm a bit rusty I'm realizing. I've been practicing speaking and listening but never really reading comprehension.
Most of my Japanese books are lost in storage, and my ebooks are assuming you know the kana by heart.

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@materialfuture I’ve been using Wanikani for a while a few years back and quite liked it.

@rostiger This is what I was looking for in terms of learning the kanji. I like Tofugu, I used to listen to their podcast.
Thanks for the recommendation!

@glyph I'm trying out Memrise today and it's very useful. I may even use it to brush up on some programming stuff as well since it seems to have a variety
Thanks for the recommendation!


my pleasure - i'm glad you're finding it useful! it helped me a lot when i was first learning hiragana and katakana.

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