Finally got a good enough working version of my Cycling Data program for the terminal.

Next steps are to be able to import data from AAT, output to stdout for use with things like GnuPlot, and make everything more modular for future updates. It works rn on the basics I needed for consuming the data so I figured I'd share the progress.

I've almost got the parser for AAT's GPX files ready to use, needs more testing of course to cleanup the data coming in. I'm thinking the next commit will have all that.
After that it's on to allowing the output of data, and I may need to look into how that's commonly done in other programs to keep it familiar. I may end up redoing the flags all together in v0.4.0 to follow proper conventions.

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Ran into some issues with consuming/parsing the GPX files. I got it mostly working, however in larger files it craps out.
I'll spend some more time tomorrow finishing things up so I can ride some more and get more data to test.

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