I spent the morning creating an Org-Roam directory that contains all my org files with an index that references each one.
Now that the basis for what will be my private wiki is setup I can start filling it out with info regarding projects for clients, papers I'm writing, Blog drafts, server info, etc.
I can see myself using this for the foreseeable future as a sort of database of all the things I'm working on.

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@materialfuture One thing which might want to look into is ox-hugo. It is one org file for your whole website.

It can be multiple file too though. Ox-hugo is great and the creator of it is on the fediverse.

@RMW I've been thinking about perhaps moving my site to org and ox-hugo may be what I choose, thanks for the recommendation.

@materialfuture It might be a bit complex at first, but the creator responds to questions.

The site of ox-hugo also contains example sites.

You can submit a website there too if it is made with it. My site is listed too normally. There aren't many videos about it though, or well when I tried to figure it out.

@materialfuture I want to make videos some day. I have done YouTube before, 3 years back or something.

I am probably gonna put myself out there again after I got my college degree. I would mirror to stuff like peertube and such though.

I just find recording such stuff a ton of fun. It comes with many bad sides too though.

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