@cooper I wrote a guide not too long ago. It goes over different hosting providers and tries to avoid telling you how to reinvent the wheel: materialfuture.net/posts/blog/

The guide doesn't suit every use-case of course as it's just one of many ways to setup a mail server.

Recreating a ticketing app I had written almost a year ago in Laravel in Amber and it's coming along great.
Amber applications are so small (~100kb) and run on smaller machines.
I plan to write a blog post that goes more in-depth of the good/bad of the Amber framework after getting to a stopping point in this project.

I hope when crystal moves to v1.0 that they rethink or expand upon how shards are handled shards because right now they're hosted mostly on GitHub, and if the repo changes all projects that rely on that shard will be broken.

Maybe not a CDN but maybe some form of caching could solve this. My amber project had to redownload all the assets after failing six times, I could image this being more frustrating if I was deploying live or something.

RE: Gitea, federation 

With more Gitea servers out there I wonder if Gitea could be improved with some sort of federation, allowing people across servers to contribute and such. Would said federation take away from the privacy-focused approach some of these providers take?

RE: Gitea server, health, etc 

I'm finally starting to feel better after feeling terrible these past few days.
I've taken today to finish updating and securing the Gitea server, and now I'm on to migrate all my repos over to it and start using it as my main source to where I house my projects.

I'm also not going to open registrations publicly for the Gitea server for the time being, I'm still planning on what to do with it.
I hope to make a blog post soon regarding all this.

@nx newsboat for reading in the terminal, and if I want richtext I'll use gnus in emacs
I want to create a tool sometime soon that allows me to export opml to plaintext or vice-versa for my links
I like newsboat the best considering it allows for offline storage of articles

I had to fix some things on my server but Gitea looks good to go rn with HTTPS and such. I'll spend tomorrow moving over my repos from GitLab and klaus.

I also need to migrate my Nextcloud (or other suite) instance sometime soon and look into the costs of that.

I think by end of this year most of my internet things will be self-hosted or offline compatible, which is awesome. :research:

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I would use a publicly hosted git solution but my problem comes from bandwidth considering I push to quite a few repos a day (LaTeX docs, notes, sites, etc).

I'll think this over further, I still have a few things on my plate before I can work on that.

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I'm hoping later this week or sometime soon to retry setting up that Gitea instance and migrating any and all Git projects from GitLab, GitHub, etc and have it all in one place that I trust.

If I can get everything working reliably then I will allow registrations to it.

@drisc Oh, awesome!
I thought most homebrew apps had to be written in Lua for some reason, but it's been a while since I've kept up with the vita hacking scene
I may dust off my PSTV though, I would love to try out the ds4 controller on there

@drisc That would be really neat, I could see myself using that on my Vita 👍

I've got two new pages planned for my blog as well as a rewrite of the homepage to link to more pages. I've also got some posts lined up, I'm just working on the drafts in an org doc.

Maybe in the near future I'll write an SSG that converts a single org file - or multiple - into a static site, that would be interesting.

I'm debating whether or not to play around with HackLang by converting some old php projects with. It looks very interesting and I'm curious to see how usable it would be in a production environment.

@aadil I've been looking for something like this. I like cmus for music, and this looks very similar.

Thinking of moving some of the video content I've made over the years well as possible new videos over to Lbry and PeerTube.

Does anyone have a recommended or preferred PeerTube instance that they enjoy using? I'm registered to one already but it's not linked to some of the instances where I watch videos from?

I'm excited to see that Crystal Lang is going into pre-release soon. v1 will be here before people know it, hopefully that means more adoption and more shards from the community.

Ran into some issues with consuming/parsing the GPX files. I got it mostly working, however in larger files it craps out.
I'll spend some more time tomorrow finishing things up so I can ride some more and get more data to test.

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@tttlllrrr oh wow, I had just watched the trailer for this on the PC gaming show, awesome stuff!

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