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x200 Machine Update 

Taking the plunge today by formatting my SSD and installing Guix.
My arch build was having issues with the amount of AUR packages I had installed which was against what I was after with minimalism and simplicity.
Now I'm just having this machine focused on Emacs+Guix+Guile+Lisp work and not having many 3rd-party programs outside of Emacs if possible.

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x200 Machine Update 

I'm thinking about trying Guix+Sway as a replacement for Arch+i3 on my x200 machine.
Since moving towards an emacs-focused workflow I've been looking for alternatives.
I'll start messing around with VMs next week and create a blog post on what I find.

The new A11y Project website is stunning. Tatiana Mac has really proved that accessible design can be beautiful inside and out. 😍 👏

Also I’m totally thrilled to have Accessibility For Everyone featured on there. What an endorsement! 💚 📗


I'm thinking recently about the PinePhone, I care only really if the phone can make calls a receive texts reliably, anything else is a bonus.
My S5 is holding up well with LineageOS so I'll most likely stay with that until it breaks. I care about how long a phone lasts and this phone has lasted me fine for as long as I've had it, only issue has been GPS for when I travel.


I believe I've reached a wall in my current project.
It seems the amber framework relies on webpack and subsequently jquery to handle csrf tokens.

I've since removed all JS/Webpack from the project and have got everything except delete requests working, not sure why.

I'm having now to figure out how to solve this with minimal or no JS and it's proving difficult.

Tomorrow I hope to figure this out and work on the last bit before launching v1

Recreating a ticketing app I had written almost a year ago in Laravel in Amber and it's coming along great.
Amber applications are so small (~100kb) and run on smaller machines.
I plan to write a blog post that goes more in-depth of the good/bad of the Amber framework after getting to a stopping point in this project.

I hope when crystal moves to v1.0 that they rethink or expand upon how shards are handled shards because right now they're hosted mostly on GitHub, and if the repo changes all projects that rely on that shard will be broken.

Maybe not a CDN but maybe some form of caching could solve this. My amber project had to redownload all the assets after failing six times, I could image this being more frustrating if I was deploying live or something.

RE: Gitea, federation 

With more Gitea servers out there I wonder if Gitea could be improved with some sort of federation, allowing people across servers to contribute and such. Would said federation take away from the privacy-focused approach some of these providers take?

I also need to migrate my Nextcloud (or other suite) instance sometime soon and look into the costs of that.

I think by end of this year most of my internet things will be self-hosted or offline compatible, which is awesome. :research:

I'm hoping later this week or sometime soon to retry setting up that Gitea instance and migrating any and all Git projects from GitLab, GitHub, etc and have it all in one place that I trust.

If I can get everything working reliably then I will allow registrations to it.

I've got two new pages planned for my blog as well as a rewrite of the homepage to link to more pages. I've also got some posts lined up, I'm just working on the drafts in an org doc.

Maybe in the near future I'll write an SSG that converts a single org file - or multiple - into a static site, that would be interesting.

I'm debating whether or not to play around with HackLang by converting some old php projects with. It looks very interesting and I'm curious to see how usable it would be in a production environment.

I'm excited to see that Crystal Lang is going into pre-release soon. v1 will be here before people know it, hopefully that means more adoption and more shards from the community.

My main goal would be for this to work with stdout like `$ cycling -o | plot ...` so I can export to GnuPlot. From there I can turn that data into images or whatever else I may want.
Either way, I'm building the app as an easy way to log/track my cycling data and learn more about Crystal Lang.

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Finally got a good enough working version of my Cycling Data program for the terminal.

Next steps are to be able to import data from AAT, output to stdout for use with things like GnuPlot, and make everything more modular for future updates. It works rn on the basics I needed for consuming the data so I figured I'd share the progress.

Tried out DenoJS to play around with Vue and it was very pleasant to use.
I'm going to have to read more into it, but I think any personal JS projects will be using Deno simply due to the lack of dependencies and speed.


“Free users for sure we don’t want to give that [end-to-end encryption] because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose” - Eric Yuan, CEO.

I think I realize now that org-mode + TeX is the best combo.

Writing in org is second nature at this point, but also being able to export as a pdf using a TeX template is pretty insane to me.

I think everyday I learn something new about org that makes me wonder why I used other tools.

Good question to ask here, are there any recommended sites to practice the Japanese kana? I'm a bit rusty I'm realizing. I've been practicing speaking and listening but never really reading comprehension.
Most of my Japanese books are lost in storage, and my ebooks are assuming you know the kana by heart.

I spent this afternoon reading about 2G/3G phones in the US and how they'll be outdated as late as December of this year.

I'm wondering now what sort of phone can people that are energy/privacy/bloat consistence get?

I was going to use an old nokia phone, but that won't work with my carrier according to online.

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