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Thinking about making web hosting services for the folks who just wants a website or can't afford servers... Any sysadmin tips to make it secure and safe if ever I make one?

Gotta use UNIX-domain sockets to implement the protocol of my project.
I feel like this is a good fit to make an universal way to access the API using any programming language.

Another design relating this project is that I write it in C. But I will probably end up writing front-ends in Python or other higher level languages, I would like to make an universal way to write a front-end with any language.
I thought making a socket protocol so far, any thoughts?

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Tell me if I explained poorly, I am really bad at explaining my thoughts.

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Since my ideas are more clear about this project now, I'll just explain it there.
I am currently working on a project trying to make a collaborative "programming" project.
There is a 16 colors 32x32 canvas. And you can send one line of code of this language (64 bytes max.)

The server that handles the canvas will then run in loop a random line every 5 seconds for 5 seconds.

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Blog about some application-level protocol from last month, any thoughts about it?
I remember having discussed about this protocol with a friend after posting this blog, and it was interesting.
I wasn't sure if this project would become real (and I still haven't worked on it) but all I knew is that it's first impl. would have been done in Erlang.

Currently working on a dialect of the FALSE programming language. It is a simplified dialect with a turtle API.
It's for a project that I will talk about later.

This is an old project and I am quite proud of it so imma put it there. This is a snake I have wrote in assembly using my very own instruction set ( ). Felt like I needed to share a GIF here

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Conventional depictions of landscape elements for map sketching. Topographic maps and sketch mapping. 1920.

Hiya! My name is Matthilde! I am a 17 years old computer-passionate enby!
I program mainly in C and Python and I like UNIX-like systems.
I will probably post about my projects and programming stuff here.
My website where I post blogs about tech:


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