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Hi there, I'm Max. I make indie games, tools, visual art, and electronics, among other things.

I'm interested in resilient technology that cares about the people using and relying on it, and have slid down the free/open rabbit hole over the last decade or so as a result.

I'm also into software that's fun to use; whether it's a game or a tool.

Looking forward to seeing what you're all working on and sharing my own stuff too!

This week's peaceful, labour intensive insanity has been around various stock preparation techniques.

Did some riving, debarking, and plane work for hardwood pegs and handle blanks, which I'm not sure worked out, but sure made a lot of mess.

Then some resawing for small bookmatched pieces, which are pictured here. Pleased with the effect, but it's a lot of work! Still some surface work to do but it'll make sense to do it later on in the project.

All hand tools and sweat.

Prompted by my mother who's staying with us this lockdown, I made a paddle style spatula from some scrap tasmanian oak. About an hour with just hand tools. Enjoyed trying out a new half round file which was very useful for cleaning up the curves.

Finished with simple raw linseed as it's going to get a lot of abuse cooking.

Made a jam game in the margins that we're calling free time with Ben Porter, an ascii art exploration sim about getting home and walking through the trees.

Pre-packaged for windows because that's unfortunately where most folks play games, install love to run on linux/mac.


Lined with cardboard which gives me mild heebie jeebies what with the treatment being partly arsenic, BUT it's reclaimed wood so much of the treatment that is going to leach out already should have, and is only a couple of years possible service life as we're renting here. Should be fine? 😬

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Quick (~4h) project that really drove home the practical differences between fine woodworking and carpentry - mini raised bed from reclaimed treated pine decking.

Hand saw and battery drill, on saw horses in the sun between showers.

Would have been half the time with a circular saw haha, but also faster with a coarser panel cross cut hand saw. Was nice working outside anyway.

Tomatoes got a bit dinged up in the transfer, we'll see how they recover. Better than being crowded?

I've changed my mind on this after hearing the same unconvincing points 5 separate times increasingly aggressively

I'm now certain I'm not interested, unfortunately. Am dedicating the brain space to something more productive

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so, i've started looking seriously at sourcehut because, well, github

but i can't for the life of me see why i or external contributors would prefer mailing lists

i imagine it's mostly a "thinking" problem but it seems like it'd be poison to external contribution to require email for discussion and patches outside of like, already-cli-for-everything developers.

this feels like it limits to just personal projects for me, which is disappointing

what am i missing?

@neauoire @rek you dont seem like the 5 coats kind of people if you could get away with it, how are you getting that dark stain coverage with instant coffee? How concentrated are you making it and are you doing it with boiled water or something else?

This week I'm totally gutting the action system for a game we're in the process of getting funding for, and while it's been bumpy it's also kinda nice that doing such major works hasn't broken anything too badly. A lot of rework, but makes me confident the layers we've built on top of love are sturdy, thankfully.

Contrast with every time I've done this for contract work on a unity project and it's been both precarious-feeling and painful, and left the codebase worse-off.

Finished off this step stool. Slanted dovetails were a bit to get my head around and I actually made a mistake of the second set. Oh well - lots learned and works as intended; helping little people get a little bit higher up.

Mostly reclaimed pine, all cut by hand. Just wood and glue and oil and time.

Almost wrapping up another woodwork project. Will share photos once it's together with finish on it. Been keeping me sane while jumping from contract job to contract job

At the risk of being a grumpy old prescriptivist, the number of folks who completely miss the point of masto by having an ifttt-style twitter account mirror is really disappointing

The workbench staining caught me off guard. I'm not sure why; it's the whole point of a rough and ready surface, but it's bothered me more than I'd like to admit seeing it go from a big blank plywood sheet to something splattered with grey. Hoping it settles into the background and then I adjust my thinking or forget about it.

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Another back burner project has been restoring a couple of hand planes. This one was in the worse condition of the lot even though it's a fairly recent specimen with plastic handles. Lots of rust everywhere.

A few days in vinegar and then a lot of scrubbing down (after a bicarbonate dip to neutralise everything) and its back in service. I'll need to do more work on the blade and cap iron but I'm satisfied for now - it cuts

Had a nice moment at the park where a noisy miner (small native bird) came to hang out and share some crumbs.

@peregrine er, maybe contra to that other guy but it sounds like you've thought it through. Wall maintenance/replacement every 5 years or so sounds fine to me as they're not exactly huge beds. And a solution with fewer parts feels pretty merveilles.

Looking forward to seeing what grows ;)

Third project recently has been workbench accessories.

3 Bench dogs, 2 holdfasts, a peg, and a planing stop. Blade on the planing stop is hand filed from scrap. Wedged and glued Tasmanian Oak construction.

Pine wedges for contrast and to help reduce splitting, though there was still a little. Always surprising how much force you can get from <1mm of deflection.

All meant for holes in the workbench which is my project for this afternoon - layout and drilling.

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The paradox of programming: feeling good every time you realize you're an idiot.

Second project recently was a gate separating our back yard from our driveway for kid safety, with a caveat that we're renting and the landlord doesn't want us drilling anything, so it's got to attach by friction. There's fixtures made of tension bolts and blocks, and some parts that overlap a feature on the house as a contingency. All pine, trellis for veg.

(First project was a workbench and tool storage - but I don't have good photos of that on hand, so I'll get to that soon 🙃)

I've been out of the loop for a little while, taking a lower digital engagement month. Got a bit of a branch point coming up work wise and a bit anxious about that. Done a bunch of woodwork though which has been very nice, I'll get some pictures soon.

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