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Hi there, I'm Max. I make indie games, tools, visual art, and electronics, among other things.

I'm interested in resilient technology that cares about the people using and relying on it, and have slid down the free/open rabbit hole over the last decade or so as a result.

I'm also into software that's fun to use; whether it's a game or a tool.

Looking forward to seeing what you're all working on and sharing my own stuff too!

Thinking about this it is just an enormous stupid design fail that the set screws for the motor to axis couplings are not accessible while mounted to the machine 🙃

Wondering if I cut a channel long term or if I just deliberately outgrow the machine before then, haha.

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In the end I went with the pi for the controller. Currently taped to the back of its monitor. Hopefully a more permanent mount eventually.

Ended up bailing on universal gcode sender which seems to be everyone's go to. Ridiculous amount of hearsay around it when it comes to getting it actually fully working on a pi - bCNC is what I went with and it seems great by comparison; light and spartan.

Cut stuff then first axis crash today. Pulled a set screw. Fix next weekend I guess.

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Thankfully pcb milling is the one place this doesn't apply, I guess because sheapskate makers, haha.

The best stuff for 3d milling seems to be blendercam pycam or kiri:moto. All of them have either serious jank or serious limitations.

I can maybe make kiri moto work for some projects in the short term. Can tell I'm going to have to contribute past a certain point but I am so time poor that it just feels daunting, haha 😬

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Every time I come back to it I am reminded of the absolutely dismal state of foss CAM. The paid offerings vary wildly in both price and quality too, with only some correlation. Must be just niche enough and fiddly enough to completely miss out on the various software renaissances we've had; the existing juggernauts basically rest on their laurels despite jank, the competition all has some fatal flaw or a narrow niche.

Thoughts on Spring '83 that have been bouncing around my head all week. Basically it needs media support and an invite system, the rest is kind of details. Then I'd use it.

Thanks to @jrc03c bringing it to my attention, haha.

The little offline controller could be used for running it as you can dump gcode files on a microsd, but there's a bunch of ergonomic (its got shit buttons and is badly placed on the machine, doesn't have preview), technical (it can't easily or interactively do things like zeroing z at the surface), and safety (can't be far from the machine and theres one more dangly cord to get eaten by an axis or the spindle) problems with it that I'm just not keen on long term.

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Got the cnc router assembled and moving, but the pi4 I was going to use to drive it can't talk to the monitor I was going to use (both have been replaced so they're effectively ewaste others otherwise). Have to toss up lifetime cost of a new monitor for the pi vs a converter for the display techs vs using the much bigger and more power hungry and less dust tolerant old desktop machine that I know works with the monitor.

Testing with the esp based offline controller works though!

Done. Now to build the cnc router that it's home for.

You can see by how full the shelves are approximately how much volume I've reclaimed for the workshop, and that was mostly floor clutter without a proper home so the tiered storage really worked out.

Might varnish the top of it soon to resist spills, as I intend to do some casting work there too, but I won't let myself put off the router build any longer, haha

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Instead of a kickstarter or whatever I'm doing simple presales through itch to fund the end-of-summer print run. So if you know you want a copy, it'd mean the world to me if you'd consider picking it up in advance. It really is one of the most ambitious things I've ever worked on and I think it is going to be something special, I cannot wait for it to be in the world.

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Top and sheathing still gotta go on but the worst is over. Framework for this workbench and shelves complete (with a bit of persuasion from the mallet and clamps)

Should help with visualising what I mean by a "3d xy bridle, z lap joint", as it's exposed on one side of the corners. There's 32 of these in the current workbench project.

All cut now, "just" assembly to go. Came terrifyingly predictably close to screwing up assembly, so leaving it there for tonight. Gonna be a tricky glue up!

hey @abundance can i get a clarification on the anticapitalist license parts 2d. and 3

My main concern with using it is that it seems to prevent use by indie orgs that engage contract workers via part 3; because then you have workers who are not owners.

but 2d seems to imply that this might be fine if the contract workers can set the cost of their labour and all owners are workers

wondering what the intended meaning is + if it could be clarified a bit

either way, cool thing :tealheart:

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We've ended up with a rolling iso situation and it sucks. Partner positive Wednesday, me today. Kid negative now. Even harder to explain why they're stuck inside.

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This is for a workbench build with extra storage to hold a cnc machine, computer to run it, tools, and materials. The framework could have been done a lot simpler with 64 fasteners and a little bit more wood but I wanted to keep the bill of materials down and in this 30x30mm pine I'd worry about a single fastener in each direction (before sheathing) being rigid enough.

Happy with how it's coming together. Just wish I did the mortice and tenon approach to know for sure how long they'd take.

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Things (re)learned cutting 32 bridle joints with hand tools:

- batch repetitive work where possible
- id your joints per assembly and make sure to pay attention to facing direction. This aids fitting so so much.
- aim to get them together with hand pressure individually, less likelihood of breaking stuff later
- a mortice and tenon would be a stronger joint here. I shied away from it because of worrying about cutting 32 of them, but honestly it'd end up a similar amount of work.

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Exactly 7 years ago today, I released v0.0.1 of RPG in a Box. It now stands at a critical fork in the road, and everyone's help is vitally important in allowing me to continue its development. (1/13)

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kid has covid (positive rat since friday). somehow my partner and i are still negative despite boogers. either way iso til mid way through next week trying to keep all of us sane, especially the toddler, give me strength

No pictures but I signed up for cutting 32 3d joints, xy bridle into z lap and, oof, 32 is one of those numbers where it all starts to add up. Good practice of course but I'm time poor at the moment and wondering how much I'm saving long term against butt joints with screws 🙃

Workbench and storage for a small cnc router + it's associated pi/monitor/eventual enclosure + whatever other tools and hardware find a home there

(second pic our kid is bouncing around inside the doona; it's the only other one that didn't have identifying features in)

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Only got time for two chaotic pictures with it assembled haha but I recently finished a bed for our child.

Pine and glue and screws, a pack of bed brackets from bunnings, poly strapping for the slats, oil and varnish finish.

Blind mortice and tenon joinery, draw bored pegs to pull it tight. Hand cut and shaped, but all the drilling was done with a cordless drill.

Now we see if it holds up to many years of toddler abuse. 🙈

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