Not sure how many folks here it'll strongly appeal to but seems in the spirit of the town.

MrChickadee is a person who has dedicated a lot of his time to learning about old ways of making and doing things, hand tools, and traditional materials. It's quiet work generally with no speaking and sometimes closed caption annotations.

Very inspirational to me.

Here's a short one about burnt wood board and batten siding.

Not sure if this counts as , let me know!

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@maxc Oh, wow, this is exactly what I need after a long and exhausting day at the office.

@rostiger exactly! It and a few other similar vibe woodworking channels have inspired me to pick up my tools more often too

@maxc I'd have to lie if I said the TA Outdoors channel didn't inspire me to pick up woodwork again last year:

@rostiger Love the long form of these too! Thanks for sharing

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