Build thread for the children's furniture I've just finished.

I recently finished this table and chair. Here's an overview and how it fits in situ; it's designed to fit under our existing table so it can be mostly out of the way when it's not in use.

All pine (mixed new and reclaimed), cut with hand tools. Linseed oil and varnish finish to bring out the grain and waterproof. Workshop was absolutely covered in shavings by the end.

Chair details.

Plan was devised to be very sturdy with huge dado joints between the sides and seat/back panels. This was a pain to cut with just a saw and chisel - a lot of waste to chisel away. Would do a different joint.

The initial was cut with a chisel too. Curves weren't easy!

First mistake was cutting the seat angle way too far upright. Glued in blocks to fix it.

Second was not cleaning up the glue and sawdust filler properly - LOTS of sanding after the fact.

Table details.

Knot repair in the top stands out more with the linseed oil on - it adds colour to everything but especially to resinous areas like knots.

The legs all have a taper that creates these big triangular surfaces which sometimes catch the light in quite a pleasing way. Cut with a rasp, saw and plane.

All the knots hidden on the underside. Fasteners behind hand cut dowel plugs.

Looking forward to seeing how they hold up to the usual abuse children's furniture gets 🙈

@vulkanized wood glue, screw clamps to hold everything tight while it dried, and planed flat again

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