Finished off this step stool. Slanted dovetails were a bit to get my head around and I actually made a mistake of the second set. Oh well - lots learned and works as intended; helping little people get a little bit higher up.

Mostly reclaimed pine, all cut by hand. Just wood and glue and oil and time.

@maxc this is really nice. We were gifted one of those "learning towers" but my toddler preferred the freedom and extra height of a stool.

@peregrine I'll have to look up the leaning tower but thanks. I went to the trouble of the slanted legs cause I was worried about it toppling from that extra height. Has been a popular addition so far either way, lots of up an down haha

@maxc this is good. Your stool is better than a learning tower. And safer than my barstool the kid loves dragging around. Its lots of fun!

@eqe thanks! I'm still honestly a bit of a beginner, this was a challenging piece but I'm glad it turned out nice

@wauz the house deco? We're renting this place actually, but the stool was made to fit in as we quite like that mid tone wood look

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