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I really need to go through my backlog of trip photos from Ireland and Japan and start posting them places.

Nasu is a spritesheet and nametable editor designed to help us design and assemble the assets of our famicon games.

"Death is only one of many ways to lose your life."

— Simon Alvah, North To The Night

How do you store your glasses/mugs?

Procreate on iPad is the absolute best digital drawing experience available today. I never thought I'd see Photoshop and Wacom dethroned, but here we are.

Also, if anyone else is on byte give me a follow.

I'm "maxdeviant" on there as well.

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With launching yesterday I figured now would be as good a time as any to get into some visual art.

I'm using nannou, which is a creative-coding framework for Rust.

Here's my first piece, OSCILLATIONS:

Starting to utilize my wiki by improving access to it via a workflow. Parsing over 7k links in Go. ✨

Inspired by others in our little community, I slimmed down my site's CSS. It's now 1.2KB and uses no custom fonts.

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