If it doesn't look like much has changed here since last time, you'd be almost right.

This is my game running on .NET Core 3.0, which means no more mono for cross-platform support!

Take clumsy, ignored implementations of forgotten ideas and make the less clumsy version of them that the first attempt couldn't have possibly been.

I wish I could work on games full time... But I have a mortgage and bills to pay 😶

@neauoire Your recent forays into the intersection of Lisp and JavaScript remind me of this project I started a few years back when I was learning Lisp in school: github.com/the-mausoleum/lisp.

It's been a grueling process to get here, but I finally have the groundwork for multiplayer in place!

Back on my gamedev bullshit.

Doing some UI work tonight. It's amazing what things you take for granted using a UI framework that is already built for you (like WPF/WinForms).


It's been a while since I've made any art. Pretty happy with how this piece turned out. Feels good to be back at it.

Browsing this instance for just 2 days and already feeling urges to make art with math functions, compose synthwave music, design sleek minimalistic websites, speak Japanese, hack a mainframe, and wear black and white clothes ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Curse you, !

I wrote up some thoughts about my desire for strong type systems in frontend development. I'll be exploring these thoughts more in further entries.


I've been thinking a lot about technical excellence in software development lately, so I decided to write up my thoughts on the matter.


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