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Finally getting around to adding code completion for luxe/wren ✨

I’ve since cleaned up the formatting to match vscode, this was really early on when I got the plumbing down and completion was first coming through

I’m thrilled to announce that tomorrow is my first day on the engineering team at WorkOS (!

I’m super excited about the platform we’re building to help developers quickly integrate enterprise features (like single sign-on) into their app and cross the enterprise chasm.

Very concerned about how SCOTUS is going to rule on the Oracle v Google case.

I'm working on totally pointless projects right now.

It's fucking great.

Желание уничтожить - это тоже творческое желание.

If you never write JavaScript, your chance of writing code that tracks someone online virtually disappears.

I spent way too much time on desktop vanities today, but it was just too compelling.
Here is my very first bash script in action. It generates @regolith themes from the wallpaper using pywal.

please note,
account updated.
migration is complete
from: @_discovery
to: @ruby0x1
thank you
bye I guess this is what happens when you don’t have any model of subscription payment, donations etc. Time to close my account

Copyright must be abolished. The fact that anything created today will never enter the public domain within any of our livetimes proves that the system has failed. We have an obligation to exercise civil disobedience to protest the broken system. I will shed no tears for billionares caught up in the flack. They never shed a tear for the tens of thousands of people they screwed with expensive lawsuits, nor the billions they screwed out of their rightful inheritance of the collective works of humanity.

It's your obligation as a good citizen to pirate shit.


Found a rusty and bent pair of shears at the second hand shop.

After straightening them, I put the shears in vinegar to remove the worst rust. Then worked them with rotating steelwire brush on dremel to remove deep & fine rust, oiled them and finally sharpened them.

The stamp reads Würpel & Bronner, which according to [1] was founded 1865 in Germany and since 1910 no longer appears in the records, so that dates them roughly.



If you're feeling spicy, I wrote a small introduction on setting up a personal overlay.

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