Browsing this instance for just 2 days and already feeling urges to make art with math functions, compose synthwave music, design sleek minimalistic websites, speak Japanese, hack a mainframe, and wear black and white clothes ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Curse you, !

I wrote up some thoughts about my desire for strong type systems in frontend development. I'll be exploring these thoughts more in further entries.

I've been thinking a lot about technical excellence in software development lately, so I decided to write up my thoughts on the matter.

One of the cool things about upgrading to 2.7.3 means we have very nice hashtag pages now. Check out the lovely work you all have been doing in !

Oh, reminder!! I'm going to be upgrading the Merveilles instance to the latest version of Mastodon today. You may see some visual glitches and may briefly be unable to connect. I'll let you all know once I'm all done! :3

Revisiting my website for the umpteenth time. Hoping to do some more writing this year 🙂

Phrases I've used tonight that I probably shouldn't have now include "Hella memcopies"

Put môsi, my tiny game engine, on today!



"Rhei, a prototype electro-mechanical clock with a liquid ferrofluid display, created by Damjan Stanković in collaboration with Marko Pavlović"



Lately I’ve been feeling all out of sorts at work. My mind is a constant swirl of thoughts moving in a million different directions. If bottled up too long, these thoughts begin to consume me. Creative output is one of the best avenues for dumping these thoughts out of my system, if only for some fleeting moments of relief.

I installed elementary OS Juno before I left for my honeymoon and I'm getting back to getting it all set up.

One thing I'm doing differently this time is recording all the shell commands I need to set up the system, which should make future system setup much smoother.

Back from my honeymoon!

Resuming from sleep mode...

Today I have been working on All Those Weird European Letters

shared a (very) wip preview of the luxeengine progress over 2018. The dev log behind it all is WIP still but I'm happy with progress.

There's a lot to post about :o last dev log was a while ago.

( more details at )

I think I need to treat videogames more like books. I know I don't do well trying to read multiple books at once, so why do I let myself play multiple games at once?

In this limbo-esque period of time I'll be thinking about what I want to tackle in terms of personal projects this year.

The foremost project will be my time tracking infrastructure. With Ledge I now have a good way of tracking my time, and once data starts accumulating I'll need a way to visualize and make inferences based on that data.

I might totally steal the visualizations from @joshavanier's log 😉

I return to work tomorrow, but the next two weeks are going to feel a little weird, with this week being short due to the new year and next week being short due to my wedding.

Things won't truly return to normal until the 21st, at which point I can really hunker down to get some real work done.

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