How is anyone supposed to have a serious conversation about Mastodon when the primary terminology is "toot"?

@maxdeviant I think that's why we changed "toot" to "post" for our submit button ;3

@somnius After browsing the Mastodon GitHub a bit, I think the technical term that people use for them is "status(es)".

That's probably what I'll end up referring to them as, because "toots" is ridiculous 😛

@maxdeviant @somnius "status" is a ridiculous word for it as well tbh…
in my opinion, a status is something like a MOTD but for individual users. you usually don't make feeds from statuses and you definitely don't have conversations in form of statuses </nitpick>

@eel @somnius Perhaps "status" isn't a completely accurate term, but at least I don't feel silly saying it 😂

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