I installed elementary OS Juno before I left for my honeymoon and I'm getting back to getting it all set up.

One thing I'm doing differently this time is recording all the shell commands I need to set up the system, which should make future system setup much smoother.

@maxdeviant Have you looked in to Ansible ? I just setted up my new work computer and I was looking in to doing something similar

@mario_afk I have not, but I think a structured system like that would certainly be better than maintaining a shell script.

@maxdeviant How do you like it so far? Seems interesting, but I'm not enough of a Linux guy to know why I'd pick it over Ubuntu or Debian.

@ian I've actually been using elementary OS for a while now. Just upgraded to the new version though (and did a fresh install), hence the new system setup.

I really like it a lot. It feels a lot more slick than Ubuntu. It's based on Ubuntu so you still get all the same goodies (and Stack Overflow help still applies).

@maxdeviant Hmm, color me intrigued...

I've been meaning to move more into Linux for personal stuff.

@ian @maxdeviant Elementary is gorgeous first distro. It feels a bit like OSX.

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