@maxdeviant exactly the same I've been thinking about: why do people believe that being good at something makes you good at everything?

It hurts both ways, too: on one hand you idolize a person without taking into account their human nature, and on the other you take away from them the possibility to learn from their mistakes: once they mess up, they're cancelled and should be discarded as members of society.

@maxdeviant It's weird, a similar thing happened to me in 2014 when Ren Queenston admitted to sexual assault. I idolized them in a kind of toxic way, putting them way too far up on a pedestal because I loved the community and music that surrounded them.

I still wonder if having that happen just made me a cynic or if it actually helped me learn to avoid this behavior. All I know is, since that happened, a hole was made in me that could never be filled.

@somnius I think there definitely is a degree of cynicism associated with it. Even if you think that an incident like this is outside the capabilities of your own idols, it still makes you start to be suspicious of everyone.

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