Anyone doing Advent of Code this year? Would love to see what solutions people are coming up with!

I'm using Haskell this year and all of my solutions are on GitHub (no cheating!):

@maxdeviant I haven't done it before. Day 1 and 2 were boring, but I hear it gets more interesting in the later days.

@cancel I don't think I've ever actually kept up with it past day 4 or 5 (hoping to change that this year), but I'm pretty sure the puzzles do increase in difficulty over time.

@cancel You can check out previous years' puzzles to get an idea for how difficult they become.

I believe it was this one that gave some people a lot of trouble:

@maxdeviant That one actually looks fun, at least for part 1.

@maxdeviant oh hey, same. I'll push my solutions to my web server sometime later this week.

@TeddyDD @maxdeviant awesome love having some references on what I can improve :)

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