I haven't upgraded to macOS Catalina yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will.

I'm debating just installing NixOS on my Macbook, but I do find it handy to have a macOS machine on hand.

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@maxdeviant it's so weird how much trouble people are having with it... I've had it for a while and after fixing some initial things, it's been perfectly fine for me.

I'm sure there's problems with the signing of programs and whatnot. But with how much people have complained about it, you'd think the sky is falling. What're the other problems going on with it?

@ciel I can't remember all of the little things that I've heard about it, but I don't think I've heard anyone in my online circles speak positively of it.

Here's one thing that I discovered recently:

This would be a problem for me, as I've started moving towards Nix for managing some of my dependencies.

@maxdeviant @ciel Oh wow… read-only system volume?! On a personal computer? I want to think there are reasonable technical justifications, but I honestly can only feel like it’s yet another small step towards giving the average user far less control over their computer and how it operates.

@amatecha @ciel I can understand why they did it. Preventing laypeople from deleting their system files and corrupting their OS is a noble goal.

But I think that it is removing a lot of control from the user, especially those who have a better idea of what they’re doing and need power user features.

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