It bums me out that Mastodon doesn't have good keyboard navigation.

Say what you will about the new Twitter design, but their keyboard controls are a joy to use.

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@maxdeviant Ah! It must be a question of preferences, I really don't like the twitter keyboard navigation.

@neauoire Hmm, for some reason the navigation hotkeys (h, j) don't work for me 😦

Some of them do work though. Like g + h does take me to the home timeline.

@maxdeviant h/j is only for the complex view since they don't have any effect in the simple mode.

@maxdeviant in complex mode it toggles a class that isn't there in the simple mode, maybe that could be reported as an issue on the repo!

@maxdeviant I think part of the problem is (at least on merveilles mastodon) you can't really see the selected toot, moving around feels terrible.

@faun When I originally wrote this my hotkeys didn't work at all. As @neauoire helpfully pointed out, the hotkeys only work in advanced mode, which I don't use.

But I did turn it on to try it out, and it was definitely subpar compared to Twitter.

On Twitter you press j/k and it focuses the next/previous tweet on the screen.

On Mastodon it just seems to shift your screen up and down, seemingly at random.

@faun @neauoire Ah, I see what you mean now, faun. If I use one of the built-in Mastodon themes it feels much better because I can see the selected tweet.

The "randomness" that I was seeing in the Merveilles theme was caused by my not understanding how the movement works.

If you reach the bottom of the list it only scrolls to show you the very next toot, which is very confusing if you can't see the selection.

@faun @neauoire I still don't understand why the navigation keys don't work for the basic view 😞

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