@maxdeviant I rigged a deadman switch to send an email to my sister if I died at sea, each time I casted off for a long trip, just in case.

@neauoire That definitely sounds like a good precaution, especially since the ocean is not known for being benevolent 😨

I think one benefit of building so much out in the open like you do is that it lessens the need for these sorts of digital continuity plans.

@maxdeviant yeah I def think about this stuff relatively often. digital security efforts end up locking loved ones out of stuff upon unexpected deaths. thinking of two different friends of mine who died unexpectedly in recent years. I can only imagine how difficult it was to get into anything at all of their stuff - especially the one who had huge amounts of unfinished or near-finished music (which has fortunately now been released posthumously)!

@maxdeviant esp having had friends my age die, I think about it a lot more of course, and what I leave behind, and what untold stories are left for family and friends to learn of, etc. so much music I never posted anywhere, software experiments, lil game levels, stuff like that. “Luckily” I use nearly zero cloud-based stuff so all my stuff is local and hackable, and thus theoretically accessible to family if they need to get at it without me here. 😅

@maxdeviant After having needed to go through the stuff left by my late father in law, grandmother, brother, and many more. I must say I somehow find it calming to think of the digital stuff somehow "fading away" into nothingness. The physical stuff can be a huge source of stress for those left behind, and after the last couple of years me and my wife have started trying to get rid of stuff so that when we pass away, our daughter won't need to go through the same shit as us.

@maxdeviant With that said, I do have a sort of a "dead man's key". A letter that my wife knows about in case of my early departure. It does not hold the key to all of my digital stuff. But rather a good but small selection.

@johannesg I think it is important to consider the overhead/burden that leaving behind digital possessions brings. I've never really had to deal with this before, so I didn't think about that while writing this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Being selective about what you end up offloading onto your successors seems to be a prudent decision.

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