@schlink Yep! As someone already mentioned, this is De Morgan's law.

You can also compare the truth tables:

@Preston Once upon a time I used Jekyll. Then I went on a long journey of building my own stuff.

These days Zola (getzola.org/) as my go-to static site generator.

Been a while since I've written any blog posts (especially of the technical variety), so I'm pleased to present to you "Stacking Optionals in TypeScript":


I'm working with some code where a function takes a `date` parameter, and if no date is provided, calls Date.today _in the default argument constructor_.

The functional programmer in me finds that absolutely horrifying.

I'm not sure why calling an impure function in the argument constructor bothers me so much more than calling it in the body of the function would – but it sure does!

So Merveilles Town, how are you doing today? Are you feeling okay? Is everything all right? Talk to me. :tealheart:

I’ve just came back from a walk around a lake near the sea. Two swans noticed me and came to say hello!

@metasyn I was trying to figure out how to maintain an atomic counter column.

I initially started out using Serializable isolation, but after a lot of debugging it turned out that what I actually wanted was Repeatable Read isolation.

Turns out, Serializable isolation performs page-level locking, so you can run into scenarios where concurrent updates to different rows in a table can fail if they are on the same page.

This week I learned more than I'd ever thought I'd know about transaction isolation in Postgres


@neauoire That definitely sounds like a good precaution, especially since the ocean is not known for being benevolent 😨

I think one benefit of building so much out in the open like you do is that it lessens the need for these sorts of digital continuity plans.

@johannesg I think it is important to consider the overhead/burden that leaving behind digital possessions brings. I've never really had to deal with this before, so I didn't think about that while writing this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Being selective about what you end up offloading onto your successors seems to be a prudent decision.

Today I'm launching shards on my website: maxdeviant.com/shards/2020/int

These are a way for me to write down and share my rough, uncut thoughts without all the ceremony and polish of a proper post.

Shards also appear in my Atom feed, so subscribe to that if RSS is your thing: maxdeviant.com/atom.xml

(Also, let me know if there are improvements I can make to my RSS feed, I'm not a big RSS person).

The loft office is finished (it'll never be properly finished, but I can take a break for a few months now, not generate any sawdust, and just use the space).

@neauoire This is the most I've kept up with AoC of any year!

I don't know whether it's due to the puzzles (content and/or difficulty), the language I'm using, or just that my skillset has grown.

@cloudhead It looks like there's an open PR right now: github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/

Hopefully it will be wrapped up soon 😄

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