(re)discovering Japanese Kanji typography.

The markings are drawn with square brushes. This adds such a beautiful aesthetic to them.

Updating a Rust project after a 1.5+ years, was relieved to find relatively few new errors/warnings, suggesting the language is stabilizing.

And while many linters are good, Clippy still has to be the best. Really appreciate how errors give you an exact fix with laser precision.

@neauoire @m15o I haven't seen this yet!

I am interested in decentralized microblogging. I've looked at Micropub (indieweb.org/Micropub) a bit, but haven't done anything with it thus far.

I'll check this out :)

@neauoire This permacomputing wiki is pretty interesting!

I've recently been thinking a lot about the longevity of software and data and how I can ensure my stuff stays around for a long time.

@neauoire Hey! It has been a while.

I don't come around much these days, but sometimes I'll pop in to see what everyone is up to.

What are you working on these days?

Over the weekend I revived an old project of mine, `drop` (滴), that I first started back when first started hanging out in the Merveilles IRC 🙂


@schlink Yep! As someone already mentioned, this is De Morgan's law.

You can also compare the truth tables:

@Preston Once upon a time I used Jekyll. Then I went on a long journey of building my own stuff.

These days Zola (getzola.org/) as my go-to static site generator.

Been a while since I've written any blog posts (especially of the technical variety), so I'm pleased to present to you "Stacking Optionals in TypeScript":


I'm working with some code where a function takes a `date` parameter, and if no date is provided, calls Date.today _in the default argument constructor_.

The functional programmer in me finds that absolutely horrifying.

I'm not sure why calling an impure function in the argument constructor bothers me so much more than calling it in the body of the function would – but it sure does!

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