@stephen I'm just picturing a world where you update your site, generate the binary, and then upload it to the various Linux package registries as your means of sharing a new blog post.

@stephen Can I get a binary that I can run that prints your site to stdout?

@ian I have some Buttondown-related questions, if you have a moment. What would be the preferred medium for contact?

@ian I've actually been meaning to make mine a bit longer.

Part of the reason they're short is because I push them off til the last minute and can't get a lot written in the time I give myself 😅

I'm glad you've been enjoying it!

Nice little article about hobbies and how/why they may be difficult for us to cultivate these days.

"Young people are trying to reclaim their time from the pressures of capitalism."

It quotes from Jenny Odell:

“It may still be hard not to see even your free time as money—in which case hobbies appear ‘expensive’ if they produce nothing but personal enjoyment and satisfaction.”


So glad the inside of my eyelids use a dark mode color theme.

What shell do you use/prefer in your GNU/Linux system?

(Please share to spread the word. And if you want comment your answer. Thanks a lot)

A part of me likes those discussions about CSS bundle sizes, but the other part feels that setting arbitrary sizes may not be the way to go.

Now that CSS can do print-like layouts with things like GRID, I want more innovative, art directed, well thought UX/UI design for content, stories, images, etc. I want more diversity, I'm tired of themeforest eating the world.

To me the challenge is dryer code, reducing the ratio of CSS per design element, not going under a set number. What do you think?

writing a blog became easier when I stopped worrying about creating a perfect substrate.

I notice others fall into this trap, too. Trying to design a flexible system and burning out without ever adding any content.

Write first.

Debating whether I want to switch to the `nixos-unstable` channel.

The version of `spotifyd` is a little old and is missing some features that I need.

I suppose I could just use an overlay to update just `spotifyd` 🤔

@lains Ah! I see your distinction now.

I think depending on the site there are pros and cons to using the same development tools one would use for an app.

@lains You're right, you don't *need* anything than plain HTML/CSS to make a site.

But it sure is helpful to be able to have your styling co-located with your components and not have to worry about collisions or unwanted cascades.

I would hate my life if I had to write React apps without using a CSS-in-JS tool like styled-components.

Although apparently this doesn't work everywhere.

Works in Chrome and VS Code (probably because it's Chromium-based).

Does not work in urxvt, Telegram, or Spotify.

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