@neauoire No, I haven’t tried to learn yet. It’s more the stuff I’ve seen from people sharing that makes it look more intimidating than it actually is.

Kind of like how I was intimidated when I looked at Haskell code before I started learning Haskell 🙂

@neauoire I really need to try out Orca. But to be honest, I find it a little intimidating 😨

@neauoire 'dont reinvent the wheel' is some of the worst advice I've ever heard. If nobody reinvented the wheel our cars and bikes would be shitty wooden wagon wheels. It makes no sense from any perspective except to talk yourself out of using your brain.

@_discovery This is probably my least favorite part about using Linux: having the graphics get borked after an update :sadlinux:

Take solace, I've now worked for some of the largest fortune 10 companies, subbed for some of the biggest/coolest contracting firms, worked for hot VC funded startups, worked for mid-term enterprises and started my own contracting firm.

Everyone is running by the seat of their pants and totally faking it. Everyone has weird jank they can't fix. Everyone has inertia they can't change course on.

Stop caring what others think. Care what you think. And work on thinking about the right things.

In a few years, people will describe me behind my back like:

"Don't bring up the topic of toggle switches on desktop GUIs around that guy... he gets angry"

@neauoire While I'm not very good at not looking at light from my computer or phone screen at night I have been using a blue light in the mornings to combat SAD.

So far it seems to be rather effective in improving my mood, as well as helping me to wake up in the mornings.

The first issue is hot of the presses, so if you subscribe you'll get it sent straight to your inbox 😱

Hey Merveilles Town!

I just wanted to share that I'm launching my own newsletter: Errata Exist.

I'll be writing about things like software development and self improvement.

If that sounds interesting, you can subscribe to it here: buttondown.email/maxdeviant

Shout out to @ian for inspiring me through their newsletter!

@lethalbit Can you backport the C++20 stuff all the way back to something the NonStop can run?

so I had been building my ui for theming already, so it wasn't much of a leap to throw these at it @neauoire

(disclaimer: messy quick test hacks etc)

@neauoire @_discovery I think that one of the difficult things about themes is how they are used in different contexts. For example, when I ported the Night Owl theme there were things that looked good in Paradise but resulted in poor contrast with text in Orca.

@cblgh Every time I see you talking about Cabal my first thought is that you're doing stuff in Haskell.

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