Finally getting around to adding code completion for luxe/wren ✨

I’ve since cleaned up the formatting to match vscode, this was really early on when I got the plumbing down and completion was first coming through

I’m thrilled to announce that tomorrow is my first day on the engineering team at WorkOS (!

I’m super excited about the platform we’re building to help developers quickly integrate enterprise features (like single sign-on) into their app and cross the enterprise chasm.

@jakechvatal I find it hard to justify writing C when things like Rust exist. Writing safe C requires a lot of knowledge and discipline in order to get it right. While there are certainly people who can do this, it's a relatively small number of people, and even then they can make mistakes. I'd much rather have the computer enforce safety for me.

Some related reading on how "Discipline Doesn't Scale":

@lethalbit This is probably my least favorite part about reading RFCs. It would be nice to have a way of navigating a document without having to duplicate it in a bunch of different tabs.

@neauoire @icedquinn @Hellien I think Devine's recommendation is an excellent starting point.

Start with just HTML (maybe some CSS) and go from there.

At some point you'll probably get fed up with doing it all by hand and look into adopting/building tools to help manage it.

@neauoire This sounds like an instance of (or at least similar to) the XY problem (

@neauoire I experience this a lot with functional programming.

I'll start to see patterns arise in my code and I'll think "there must be some function that does this". After a good deal of searching around I'll find that there is indeed a function that does what I want, and it is based on category theory.

The moral of the story is that: "the answer is always `traverse`"


@jrc03c I saw this same ad today and couldn't believe my eyes.

His antics shouldn't surprise me anymore, and yet they still do.

@cancel @dualhammers @neauoire I apologize for the quality, Mastodon must not like my 4k display :sadlinux:

Very concerned about how SCOTUS is going to rule on the Oracle v Google case.

@faun Sorry to necro this thread, but I finally got around to installing Steam on NixOS. Haven't tried any games yet, but Steam itself works fine.

This is all I had to do to get it working:

And it looks like some work has been done to make it even simpler: (I didn't see this until after I had installed it).

Now I'll just have to try out some games and see how that goes 😄

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