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My github activity for a few years.
There's a story or two here I'm sure.

Window manager has been installed. We're rolling bspwm.

We also have Google Chrome installed now, so this toot is coming to your from within NixOS.

NixOS has been successfully installed.

Now to start on the configuration process.

After fighting `dd`'s slow speeds and discovering that setting the `bs` flag drastically improves performance, we finally have our USB reimaged.

Booting it up and we're able to boot into the NixOS installer. Onwards!

Live USB doesn't want to play nice. Reimaging it now, from macOS this time.

Enough putzing around in VirtualBox. It's time to run the install.

Live USB has been prepped and we're ready to start.

Had to step away for a bit to prep a pot roast for tonight, but now we're back to our NixOS adventures.

Trying out NixOS in a VM so I can fiddle with it before overwriting my elementary install.

It turns out that NixOS provides a VirtualBox appliance that you can import straight into VirtualBox without any configuration.

Totally painless to get a test VM up and running!

Ripcord 0.4.20 is out, with support for Unicode 12 emoji in both Slack and Discord. Plus some small optimizations and bug fixes.

I got some sad news from @goldbuick this morning that a Merveilles member I (and perhaps others) knew, Jerold Haas (aka CompositionFore), passed away about a year ago.

I wrote a bit about my friendship with him:

"I should clean this code"

@neauoire 'dont reinvent the wheel' is some of the worst advice I've ever heard. If nobody reinvented the wheel our cars and bikes would be shitty wooden wagon wheels. It makes no sense from any perspective except to talk yourself out of using your brain.

Take solace, I've now worked for some of the largest fortune 10 companies, subbed for some of the biggest/coolest contracting firms, worked for hot VC funded startups, worked for mid-term enterprises and started my own contracting firm.

Everyone is running by the seat of their pants and totally faking it. Everyone has weird jank they can't fix. Everyone has inertia they can't change course on.

Stop caring what others think. Care what you think. And work on thinking about the right things.

In a few years, people will describe me behind my back like:

"Don't bring up the topic of toggle switches on desktop GUIs around that guy... he gets angry"

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