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Finished another post, an argument against using 'dumb' config formats (e.g. YAML/JSON) and for using real programming languages instead. This realization has relieved me from lots of frustration!

Also lots of related links about configuration languages!

This weekend has been... interesting.

Read all about it in the latest issue of Errata Exist:

Tonight has been interesting.

What started off as a seemingly simple task of installing my new 1TB NVMe M.2 drive and installing Windows 10 on it has resulted in my swearing off Windows and installing NixOS on it instead.

You know I'm very pushy when it comes to journaling, but it's something that if you have not yet tried might really help you when you feel like you've lost your focus or creative spirit.

Understanding your own cycles of stamina might help you plan better, and might offer some comfort, by reminding you that it eventually comes back.

After working on this for the past three days I think I'm happy with the results.

The Idris 2 REPL now supports showing help for commands 🙂

"Designing an end to a deadly American obsession: The Lawn"

> Lawns have proliferated since the rise of the suburbs in the mid-20th century. But their maintenance produces greenhouses gases and they are biodiversity deserts. Shifting attitudes to lawn care offers a giant eco opportunity. The question is, how?

This morning I watched a talk on type-driven development with Idris and now I'm building Idris from source

I have tried many different pieces of software and now settled done on the optimal config for me. This is my first #screenshotsunday. The picture shows #Sway, #Waybar, #Kakoune, #Alacritty, and #fishshell. The color theme is #gruvbox, the fonts are #DejaVuSansMono and #Inter.

Today I published the first version of my personal knowledge repository:

It's still rather bare-bones, but I will be adding to it over time.

You can also find the contents on GitHub:

I recently had an interaction with a coworker who didn’t understand polymorphism, so I wrote this primer on polymorphism in response:

Hi I'm Wally. I've been around for a little while but mostly just lurking, and still in the IRC. I finally joined up because this isn't twitter and I want to feel more accountable for doing things, like working on tools and finishing projects. I like C, Python and Linux.

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