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# New (Free*, ) Music Alert! Pre-Orders Available Nowwwwwwwwwww

For fans of , , and music... inspired.

Okay you noticed the little asterisk next to free.

It is free, if you wait for the release on 2020-09-29.

But for $1USD (or more, if you're feeling generous) you can pre-order and get the full** album right now.

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hi my name is megabyteGhost and i make music and other digital media arts at

everything i create is creative commons and free.

Last week me & @neauoire helped to sort through bottles at our old yacht club. Totalling to $1069.90's worth.
The amount will go to the club's JR sailing program.

Interesting treat if you like sour candy: Cover green grapes in lime juice and freeze them for a couple hours. Let them partially thaw (15 minutes or so) and enjoy!

They have a punch like a sour patch kid candy, and a little chewiness from being frozen.

The live setup I'm working on looks something like this, but w/ 1 person and also instead of a bunch of trigger pads I have 1 Maschine Mikro (the old one) and 1 MicroKORG (the old one).

Hey there's someone here on Merveilles.Town who has a website w/ a ton of audio samples. Who dat?

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Fuck you I'll wood glue whatcha tell me

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Some of those that build porches
Are the same that build houses

@megabyteGhost I am 100% that bitch who looks at a disaster in progress and is all “this’ll be hard to fix, but such pretty colours!”

I want to be done with staying up late catching up on work. I want to be making silly useless beautiful things

Think I'll take a break from any focused producing for a bit and work on putting together a live show.

I got a recommendation for this book published in 2000. It’s a good overview of the basics if you’re new to this stuff, like me.

"Good design is aesthetic"

– ░▒▓ DIETER R▲MS ▓▒░

Using numbered variables for the rule further simplifies the code,
and because it's based on relative offsets, the drawing unit can be repeated multiple times.

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