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Releasing the album early so that the free version is available now. Thank you to everyone who purchased a preorder <3 But right now I'd rather people send their money to Louisiana.

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hi my name is megabyteGhost and i make music and other digital media arts at

everything i create is creative commons and free.

Hey check out a live performance I recorded! Thanks very much to @megabyteGhost for handling the mixing and mastering on this extended house jam. Enjoy!

New track out tonight on bandcamp! There will be an accompanying video of the live performance up on YouTube at the same time. It sounds great and I think you'll really like it :)

Hey don’t forget all of my music is free and Creative Commons which means you can use it in YouTube videos and even Twitch streams. HTTPS://megabyteGhost.bandcamp

Here's another really cool one with some pads I do not recognize. Maybe custom built?

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Apparently getting two Maschine's running on one instance of Maschine (the software) is difficult.

I should be able to do it in Logic and just run them as MIDI controllers and assign them to different channels.


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Okay this is the second stupidest thing I've done (the first was my fart drum set) but I'm sampling all of Danny Carey's drums from his site ( and then plugging in two NI Maschine's so I can finger drum Tool songs.

Do y’all struggle to name your songs (or other works of art)?

Helio Project: libre music composition software

(submitted by danbolt)

3 albums not normally considered that I think are (musically, not necessarily aesthetically):

1. 808s and Heartbreak by Kanye West
2. decemberunderground by AFI
3. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Hey what song of my new album (out tomorrow, officially) do you like the most?

I'm thinking of putting together a small Instagram/Facebook video ad with the song playing.

Helping people in need is always the right thing to do.

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