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hi my name is megabyteGhost and i make music and other digital media arts at

everything i create is creative commons and free.


Approaching Utopia is a Buddhist “libertarian syndicalist” (anarchist) run media firm, focused on Creative Commons media.

Right now we have published music by @megabyteGhost and a podcast called Your Secure Life (

And many other projects in the works.

Google is evil and YouTube is owned by Google so I hope will cache stuff quickly and you will use that instead, but, I need YouTube for it's marketing power.

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So, my new netlabel is up and there's already a release on it, it's an EP I made with @neauoire's Orca esoteric language.
It has two sides, a techno one and a glitch one.

Enjoy, it's in NYP, so you can grab it for free or give a little donation !

Album drop:

Yep, I'm pretty darn happy with this. Being able grind processes and iterations at speed is seriously beneficial to, "I wonder if I can make this work."

Prefecture_Audio I remasters submitted to major streaming services.

in the 80’s and 90’s industrial music was like one big family. there were tons of crossovers and “supergroups”.

bring that culture back.

michiru aoyama has put out at least 4 albums and an ep this year and i have...not.

@megabyteGhost not mandatory, still appreciated. It creates a context in which to listen. It’s like taking position, believing in long form art works in an age where everything is short and quick to make. Making a track and releasing it is easy. Making an album requires more thought.

fellow and other fans:

thoughts on the idea that mp3s and the internet and home studios have killed the need for “album”/LP format releases?

the secret to my sound is

1. obscure samples
2. time stretch
3. lots of reverb and delay

need to work on my site this weekend to prepare for the `prefecture_audio ii` launch next month

got a remix back from one of the artists i commissioned (will announce who when album is ready).

it’s so good. get excited.

i guess i should start on my remix.

remasters coming this month.

new music coming next month.

in a bit more than 2 hours, I'll be streaming some work on the remix I'm making for @megabyteGhost - doing some preparation for it now to inject the stems into the modular rig :audio:

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