# New (Free*, ) Music Alert! Pre-Orders Available Nowwwwwwwwwww

For fans of , , and music... inspired.

Okay you noticed the little asterisk next to free.

It is free, if you wait for the release on 2020-09-29.

But for $1USD (or more, if you're feeling generous) you can pre-order and get the full** album right now.

Great, another asterisk. There's a surprise that will be released on 2020-09-29 which will be accessible to both pre-orders and anyone who waits until release day (or later) to download the album.

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You're welcome! Years ago I was really into ant-zen / hymen / tympanik stuff and your release kinda reminds me of this vibe and makes me a bit nostalgic 😉 I like it.

I heard Dead_mans_switch and it didn't suck as much as the beetles :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Seriously though, if I had a car, this is some class act noise... no dissing on anyone else but like the nice of 9IN and CombiChrist (< - a dick IRL) AND without vocals, which is best for all background music.
Great genre work!

Though it sounded cool enough, too bad for you I don't have a job before 2020-09-29 :blobcatgoogly:​ Also I have no car :p

Oeh it switched to Kill_Switch... yep, probably too low hype for a movie, but just great for meeting_background noise. Like really, 'songs' ruin those.

I give it :teal_cyber_heart: :cyber_heart_purple::cyber_heart_sparkle::cyber_heart_sparkle_purple::teal_cyber_heart_sparkle::heart_cyber::pixel_cyber_heart:​ / 7​ :cyberman:

And because I had such a hard time with the emojos.. it turned to Sand_n_Bones....
Still slow head nod, sipping some wine, smoking a cigar :chillblobwitch:

@Mnemonic Thanks dude I think what you described is exactly what I was going for :)

@l3kn're the second person to single out that song today as their favorite

@megabyteGhost reminds me of Lorn, with a touch William of Basinski's "Disintegration Loops"
(minus the loops because I have to manually play it on repeat)

@l3kn I don't know what Lorn is but I'm a big fan of Disintegration Loops.

Can you handle cosmic horror, big bugs, and some blood and death (not too much)?

@l3kn Awesome thanks.

When I was creating the song "I Can't Find Her" I was essentially making my own soundtrack to this scene from The Mist:

@megabyteGhost I wonder what goes into creating sounds like that,
I can get my computer / synthesizer to make some nice sounds but this is aother level.

@megabyteGhost Don't copy-paste replies like this, our instance just got flagged as spam because of this thread.

@neauoire oh shit sorry...i'll find another way to thank people

@megabyteGhost np, it's the first time I even see this warning myself! :)

@neauoire I got an email either from you or automatically from the server...I thought maybe I had been too promotional w/ my album pre-order.

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