What is your art and how do you make money at it (like do you sell prints, commissions, recordings, etc)?

Reply here and drop links so we can check out your craft.

If you're not a crafter/artist/creator, check out the replies below and see if there's some cool stuff that appeals to you!

Boosts encouraged.

I'll go first:

I make music and I sell recordings at Bandcamp and perform via live streaming and video.

Eventually I'd like to perform in meatspace and sell things like samples, loops, beats, etc.

I'm not trying to get sales right now, though. I'm trying to get a survey of people on the fediverse and what they create.

There are 7.753 billion people in the world.

That looks like:


Put 1000 under that and it looks so small.

Put 100 under that.


If you can get 1000 people out of 7,753,000,000 to give you $100 per year for your craft, you're making $100,000, six figures, at your craft.

I'm not an anarchocapitalist but I am hungry and I am exhausted and I am DONE being too hungry and too exhausted to make art in the free time around my job.


When situations allow for it to be done safely, I am a circus skills performer, theatrical clown, and teacher of related things.

While not monetized by intent, I'm also a video maker, podcaster, and sculptor of theater masks. The latter are currently not online as they are part of a longer term project.


@megabyteGhost that's what I used to think with Patreon, like "I got a bare minimum 1.5€ a month level, if I get even 100 people that'd be 100€". But apparently people, even those who say they like my articles, do not want to support gaming history even at that low price :D

@damianogerli well there are three parts to the equation. You have to be making something people want, which I believe you are doing. Second, you have to make it good, which I don't know you and I don't know if it's good but I'll assume it is (and I'm def gonna check it out). The third part is getting it infront of the people who want it, aka marketing, and that's really the most important part.

@megabyteGhost indeed! still the thing that disappoints me is that most of the people who vocally support me - so that's basically the three points covered since they've read my articles and appreciate it - still do not want to provide any support. A couple of people I asked directly - of course in a kind manner - even stopped replying to me. That is... well, slightly concerning. :/

@damianogerli I hear you. My own mom hasn't paid me for my music yet there have been strangers here on Mastodon who have paid $50, $100, for my albums. Why? I don't know. Kind hearts I guess.

7 Billion people in the world and you only need to find your 1000.

@damianogerli For example: there are foods that people want and need, and there are amazing food products out there, but the number one selling restaurant world-wide is McDonalds. Neither quality nor class. Why? Marketing.

Marketing is everything if you want to be even a little successful.

It's not a bad word. We market ourselves every day. We are always trying to sell something. Beliefs. Ideas.

Want to go to a restaurant w/ your friends? You gotta sell that idea. Want a raise? Sales.

@megabyteGhost ah sure, and marketing yourself is especially hard - especially when you start to doubt that what you're doing is worth anything and you see people that consider themselves "friends" not giving two sh#ts about what you do. it's a learning process for sure.

@damianogerli Took me a long time to figure this out but friends and family will rarely be your customers.

@megabyteGhost that's a good advice that I would have appreciated some years ago :) it's funny cause people could support you even without paying, just you know spreading the word, retweeting stuff etc. but I guess even that is too difficult, so I agree: I've been having way more support from complete strangers that people I've known my whole life. I guess that's just a fact of our existence?

@damianogerli Yeah it's not that they don't care about you. Sometimes you have to separate art from artist. Just because they love you, Damiano, doesn't mean they have to love your art, or vice versa in the case of the strangers who pay for the art.

You just have to find your 1000 and if it doesn't overlap w/ your IRL friends that's okay. Don't hold it against them.

But some of your 1000 may become friends, too!

You never know what the future holds.

@megabyteGhost That's some good advice thanks :) I don't know, it's just me I guess but If I had a friend who wanted to do something else - because they're currently unhappy - and I saw they're also talented, I'd try to support them as much as possible. Okay, maybe not with *actual* money, but at least I'd show my moral support as much as possible, even with just positive reinforcement.
I only got "you think you'll make a living DOING THAT?!?". Heh.

@damianogerli If you're really serious about it, I would recommend two books:

Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins

Overlap by Sean McCabe

@megabyteGhost but sorry did not want to turn this into "old man rants about his crappy friends/family". :D

@megabyteGhost We do pixel art and have been trying to get into commissions! But no luck so far.

@megabyteGhost I make little games - of mostly tabletop variety. However for some time now I'm too exhausted to actually finish and publish stuff.

You can have a looksee at what I managed to publish in the past on itch:

@FredBednarski I saw you liked the post so I won't link it, but I feel you. I am too exhausted to complete my craft, too.

@FredBednarski Been checking out your stuff. This is really cool! Looks like you're doing what I want to do (next) in life

totaly second this. just took a quick look and what i have seen looked like little mostly polished blobs of enthusiastic crafting :) sadly my backlog of stuff i want to try out is big (could need another 24h a day :/ ) so i will not test yours immediately, but its deffinetly on my "to do at some time" list.

@megabyteGhost The only one of my arts which I get paid for is writing, you can see my magazine articles and blog at

NSFW because my art is so gross 

@Sandra I dig it, Sandra. Do you do commissions or prints or anything else to make money at your art?

re: NSFW because my art is so gross 

@megabyteGhost my art efforts are deep in the red!
I don't wanna do limited runs and most of the works are CC-BY-SA. I don't want a solution that'll make the art worse or proprietary or littered with upsell or ads.

I'm looking at out of band solutions like UBI, grants, or patrons. I took a break from art and focused on a day job. That job is now in peril but I saved up while working there. I hope to get back into drawing. I'm struggling with health issues so I'm trying to manage my waking hours carefully. Today needs to be a day of rest.

@megabyteGhost i haven't started monetizing my work yet, but i make music and write things! you can see all my work on my website:

@megabyteGhost I'm a singer and experimental electronic composer. Some of my music is here:

I also livestream my experiments with the #SuperCollider programming language:

@megabyteGhost I'm a composer/sound designer/game designer/sound design tutor.

I take commissions and jobs offers, and teach classes at ActivDesign school (french videogame school).

I release my work under libre art licence.

website :

@megabyteGhost I'm a visual artist and musician. I sell my original art work online via my website and offline via contacts. My music is up on Bandcamp at yet I'm thinking of making it accessible for free / donation.

@megabyteGhost I am James and I make games every so often. I have also been dabbling in writing short stories recently.

You can find my games on itch

I also have a zine shop but it’s not accepting new orders until I get the next zine out. Also I’m running low on energy to do all the shipping.

@megabyteGhost i'm an artist/illustrator and a hobbyist musician.

i've got commissions open (for the illustration front), so do check them out.

💿 the-loud-machine-with-no-off-b


@megabyteGhost i’m an artist, designer and musician, I take commissions for band logos, illustrations for album covers books and more.

I also have a patreon page here: where I share more of my process.

I have some music up on bandcamp that I make with @voidxwitch for our band blood and dust

And finally i’m learning to tattoo right now and I’m slowly starting to take clients for that, my hope is that this will become my main source of revenue :)


I don't make any money from my art, but it can be found at:

Games -

Poems -

Music -

And various other stories and fantasy worlds and drawings and suchlike kicking around, most of them onl the Exilian forums where my poetry all is. :)

@megabyteGhost I'm a mail artist, musician and poet.

Mail Art is non commercial, so I don't make any money with it. It's an exchange of art between artists.

My music is free on Bandcamp, but people can pay if they want.

Here's my main website with links to all my projects:


I make #TTRPG both in English and Italian, you can find them on

They are all free and you can't pay even if you want to because otherwise I'd have to file it in my taxes and it's really not worth it.

@megabyteGhost While I'm not against taxes as a principle, I still have to hear somebody describing me a way to file them which is not a burocratic hell.

Like, you take X% of my income, why do you also need to take a lot of my time to do it?

@thekernelinyellow yeah I hear you. I’ve been “running my own business” for 15 years and the taxes are a pain.

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