If all goes to plan I will have some physical and mental space to write out a couple of essays of what I want minimal.click to be.

Basically, a small studio that creates things somewhere in the venn of Art and Technology that can start to sustain me going forward without compromises to my ethical & sustainable stance.

I'm looking at software tools, games, music and art.

I'm also looking at systems that can run said studio in open / free / ethical / sustainable ways.

This bit is more difficult to get my head round at the moment. Hopefully writing it out will help with this.


@minimaldotclick Sounds like what I'm trying to do with my company Approaching Utopia :)

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@minimaldotclick The TL;DR version of it is that I wanted a "multi-media publishing company". The idea started ~16 years ago when I was a senior in high school and wanted to start a record label. Then I got a job in marketing, then I got a degree in video game design, all the while I was writing fiction and poetry.

Just seemed to make sense to start a company for all of it.

Right now all the music is free and there is a collection of short stories that just needs edited (not all of them mine)

@minimaldotclick I haven't figured out if I want to keep everything free/Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW).

Or a combination...some stuff free/PWYW and some stuff charged for.

@megabyteGhost I think you're very much like me. I have all sorts of weird creative things going on all over the place.

I just want to be a little more organised doing it and in the best way possible.

@minimaldotclick That is exactly right. I can't focus on creating just one type of media. I love them all and I Love creating. I just need to figure out how to make money so I can quit taking jobs I have no passion for.

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