I love /r/antiwork but I really don't like the name.

It should be /r/antijob.

Human nature is to do work.

But human nature is not to have a job.

Building software is work. Gardening is work. Making music is work.

Work is good. Work is healthy.

Jobs, though. That's where our mental, emotional, and often even physical selves break down.

@megabyteGhost the word "work" is problematic, in English at least. The double meaning has made talking about this so difficult with people because they think that when I say "work" I mean anything that takes any effort whatsoever

@megabyteGhost The word, depending on context, can mean both your definition of "work" and "job". I go to "work" everyday and I also "work" on my projects.

@megabyteGhost In either case I feel the naming was too strong and is just ammo for people to trash the ideas from it.

I think any person would want these ideals for themselves (and of course this "movement" is to push back on people who won't allow it), but having such a strong "branding" makes it hard for people who are uninitiated to have a pleasant welcome into the mindset.

@ciel @megabyteGhost yeah, the “onboarding” to a lot of progressive causes could be greatly improved for many people… 😅 That said, I wonder if sometimes more extreme language is used to cultivate almost a sense of humor about the topic at hand…

@b_cavello @ciel 100% for sure. Sometimes you want to win and sometimes you want to be funny. Sometimes you can only be one or the other. But I think this is the rare case that maybe we can be both at the same time. Based on the amount of subscribers to that subreddit I would say it’s successful

@megabyteGhost I've felt the exact same way. Anti-work always rung to me as being against doing any kind of work, which feels, to me, kinda not how humans seem to operate. Selling your labour to others in order to survive though.. yeah, that's shit.

@tty Yeah and even like 90% or more of the posts there aren't against doing any kind of work, they're just against selling labour to survive.

I really like the sub headline:
Unemployment for all, not just the rich!

I feel like it better captures my mood than the name itself.

@megabyteGhost Gotta familiarize ourselves more with the operatic aspect of work. Too few get that privilege.

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