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trees still know more than humans and computers

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less of a and more of a

a little dance in the forest between the rhodes and a guitar pedal to slow down and process my day/week

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Hello Town! I suppose this is my .

My name is Merl. I am an ever-distracted generalist (trying to find more focus though). My day-labor hours have been spent as a Creative Technologist or Web/Interactive Engineer at different companies over the last several years. Prior to that I was a full-time musician.

I care a lot about gardening, food, music, art, community, radio/comms, language, sustainability... (the list could go on forever).

I am excited to meet you all!

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“Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.”
—Arabic Proverb

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hi folks, thank you for having me:) now for a little

i’m Kel, and i’m a part time student after 10 years away from academia. prior to this, i was a sys admin (mdm deployment and identity management) for a few tech companies. i’m now back in school for social work.

i’m also a practicing buddhist, and a musician. looking forward to spending some time in the brand-less space with you all. peace and love.

wrote and meditated with a good friend for the first time in a long time last night. we may even play some of this live soon 😁 (tiniest snippet)

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Went to listen to a Cherokee man speak about native plants and foraging. The best part of his talk:

"The longest journey you will take in your life is from here [points to head] to here [points to heart]."

one of the most effective psyops in american infrastructure is the greenwashing of letting railroads fall into disrepair by calling it “rails to trails”

how about a “rails to we fix our fkn rails that we already have” program

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Very pleased to share Per Million, a website and protest tool by @gordan and I about the most defining number of our time #permillion

current distraction: researching which lake parking lots i can propagate helpful/pretty native flora from for my yard

this is from earlier in the year, but i've been thinking about and expanding on this progression and wanted to share it with you all

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what they think is cyberpunk: owning/driving a tesla

what IS cyberpunk: hacking someone’s tesla from your friend’s off network 85 civic hatchback drift racer plastered in anime decals

(companies forget that subverting the corps is a foundational component of the genre)

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Hello! I’m Jak, and I mostly think about the intersection between philosophy, economics, and technology. I’m working on a philosophical system to help human social organisms navigate complexity, and I’m also learning/working toward building a more simple, resilient, and efficient vision of networked data and computing.

just realized i never shared the final product of my keyboard build.. 😁

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@loppear @csepp To be honest, I've little interest in optimism or pessimism, both addictions of their own. Hope too, in large doses, can produce toxic levels of procrastination. I tend toward Kate Marvel's (climate scientist) that we need courage, more than hope. The resolve to do well without the assurance of a happy ending.

new life goal is to have a riveting hulu biopic series made about me and my scam tech company that never had a real profitable product and spent all the investor money on reforestation efforts

“everyone believed that CoolTech™ would change the world, and it did, but merl and their associates are still serving 15 years, because it turns out investors don’t actually give a shit about changing the world”

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