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Im looking for software engineering opportunities. Located in Belgium, remote would be ideal. Main skills are around JavaScript / react

I was talking about solarpunk today to my partner and we decided to read the solarpunk manifesto.


Have any of ya'll read it? What do you think? Does it represent "the solarpunk community" ?

i made a more merveilles style avatar ^__^v

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@autophagy @royniang @kor spent 5+ hours last night going through various project's ya'll have put online. i am feeling very inspired, excited, existential, emotional 🌱

i wanted to say: thank you for putting so much of yourself online - from the photography to wiki and trackers and software and iot and so much else ✨ i hope you have a fabulous week

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imagine explaining the housing crisis to someone who didnt live during capitalism

me: there are hundreds of thousands of people who sleep without shelter in cities every night

guy from 1000AD: that sounds bad. is there not enough construction material?

me: no theres actually a surplus of houses but a few people own most of them and refuse to rent or sell them at affordable prices for 99% of the population because they think the houses will be worth more money in a few years

guy from 1000AD:

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Kind of interesting to see where this instance is situated to the rest of the fediverse


this museum looks amazing. especially the digital design and architecture related stuff

Added some more stuff on learn-orca! This part on percussion is pretty fun I think metasyn.github.io/learn-orca/#

Also added a link for people using no script so you can read the static version.

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Hate driven development

I hate computers so deeply that it drives me to write software in an attempt to fix this godawful fucking mess that we're in

I've been always intrigued by video game design but have never really taken the time to learn. I'm a software engineer and feel comfortable learning new languages, but the guis kinda terrify me. I kinda feel like I should just bite the bullet and learn unity or something.

Does anyone here have recommendations for making your first game? Everyone always says to start small. It's funny because when I talk to people about my interests they're like... Why don't you make video games 😂

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Hi all, I'm new at mastodon in general. I'm a lisper (mainly common lisp, novice schemer, love all the lisps). I work with Igalia's compiler team on WebAssembly formal spec and WebAssembly support in Firefox (c++). Free Open Source Software proponent, and free open knowledge for everyone. I am also a logician, used to work on set theory years ago.

Thanks @phoe for introducing me to functional cafe! Looking forward to fun times talking about any #lisp dialect.

I spent a bit of time actually adding some content to this learning orca site.


I also added most of the examples from the repo & made some snippets runnable like you suggested @neauoire

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When I began using computers, there was this thing called RSS.

That allows me to read things from your blog/site, without open it. It was good, because there plenty of implementations, and therefore I can read in multiple platforms and get away with things I don't want but could have on your website like tracking, ads, unwanted pop-ups, the ugly design of your blog and focus on what I (and you should) want on your blog/website:

your content, your message.

Please, have a RSS Feed

I started making an ORCA tutorial site. I also rigged up enfer to work in the same browser page ^___^


@neauoire <3

Tested out an idea to get PILOT working in the browser today ^__^ its kinda hacky but it works @neauoire

Trying to find a way to side step midi & UDP at the same time so I can just run pilot & orca in the same web page together 🤔

Does anyone here have experience mocking/virtualizing midi instruments?

Found this: github.com/WebAudio/web-midi-a

but feel like I might end up just doing some disgusting navigator.requestMidiAccess() patch and injecting a fake midi output

I love the keybase exodus haha and I am going to follow suit. I actually only used then as a way to link/prove my Identity across services... But I realized I could just have links to and from a central website which basically functions the same. It doesn't have any cryptographic elements to it but at least you can sort of confirm it's the "same" metasyn 🤔

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XXII A calm, eerie presence lingers in the light and shadows here. Different tones travel in the wind.

ORCΛ on the top of HN! nice @neauoire

i've been thinking lately about making a little tutorial A-Z site for all the different orca functions. i realized i could iframe in the web version of orca to show what an example looks like, but now am realizing that as someone new to orca, you kinda of need to have a synth attached to it to get a feel for what it might do.

i looked into pilot and seeing if could hack it to work in a browser, but feels like it might not be a great fit per se

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