finished reading all of peow studios exmag comic anthologies, and wrote down the names, websites, and social media handles of all the artists involved. i'm a bit sad peow studio is closing up shop but am so glad i got exposed to them :tealheart:

i've seen so many people who back to back just hate on hacker news, vehemently, and then somehow gloat/share/boast about being front page. pick a fucking side already 🙄

Q: Why bother? You can’t make a new X without billions of dollars and hundreds of staff.

A. Sure you can. Don’t listen to armchair defeatists who never worked on an X.

where X is...

cult of the lamb is so good. the game play is something between enter the gungeon/hades, rimworld, and don't starve.


somewhat impulsively decided to give myself a haircut today. I've been cutting my own hair for years but idk, I didn't really like it today and didn't feel like taking the time to fix it. so I said fuck it, and shaved my head today for the first time ever (down to like a quarter inch). feels great. cant really mess up that one 😅

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Finally completed this crazy illustration I did for the black metal band Ossuary Wraith. My biggest ink piece to date and one that taught me so many new things ~ I'm taking commissions for merch like that and album covers btw ;)

just read through this graphic novel, cats at the louvre by taiyo matsumoto (artist behind tekkonkinkreet). a dreamy story of spirits and cats, dreams and worlds of paintings, of loss and of course, the louvre. playful and sketchy and somewhat somber

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"As long as we have a political organization dedicated to gaining power at any cost, maximizing profit no matter what the consequences, [there is] no future for human civilization."

-- Noam Chomsky

tonight we hit a record for people in our apartment (7) and made hotpot (sichuan numbing vs crab miso). i cleaned the house for like 2 hours before our friends came over which felt stupid (in the performative sense) and also amazing (in the oh-my-god-this-is-dirty) sense. its funny how nothing makes you clean as much as having some company haha... working from home, i feel like its hard to feel like it matters to clean sometimes - its just too easy to ignore or something

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It's nice to remember the original slogan of the internet

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The 63-foot 'double canoe', Spirit of Gaia, designed by the late James Wharram, as a prototype hub for what he envisaged, nearly 50 years ago — in his essay, The Sailing Community — as a 20th century tribe of nomadic ‘sea people’, all sailing their own, smaller double canoes.


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