@neauoire i went to go check out something on your wiki and saw you did a huge re-write! do you have plans to bring back some of that content/routing or is this the new world?

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Today I bought an elektron digitakt to get that hardware sequencing but would still love to get an orca brain added to control some more textural and generative stuff

Over the last two years I've been transitioning to a dawless setup for electronic music. I was trying to go full computer less but then found orca... I'm struggling to figure out how to get the best of orca and use a keyboard to live code while also not feeling locked to a computer

I've seen a few mobile orca kits that we're cool but I'd love to collaborate or find out more about building a minimal orca setup 🤔

hello! im xander (metasyn): i live in sf, am a machine learning engineer, queer anarchist, and musician. my interests revolve around linguistics, AI, music, synthesizers, and cycling. let's connect ✨🌱


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