on the silver globe (1988)

this movie is not for the faint of heart. but I feel compelled to rewatch it. it has a darkness, a humanity, and a mysticism that is hard to explain directly.

Day 3 - Bay to Bay (Tomales to SF). total distance was 116m and elevation gain around 6800ft over three days. happy to be back home.

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My partner and I are putting a small curated reading list on anarchism and were wondering which were your favorite books/zines. It can be theory but we'd also like some more applied resources :) Feel free to boost!

loaded down for a very slow coastal century over the next three days 😝

just went through all photos I've taken over the last decade and deleted probably close to 5k photos. feels so good and exhausting... now to back the ones I actually want to keep up!

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Anarchism is based on an essentially optimistic conception of human nature: if individuals have a natural tendency to get on well together then there is no need for the existence of a state to arbitrate between them.
-- Saul Newman

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almost done building my first diy synth, the "sanfreo euroling". you can find the schematic as well as details on how it works here: metasyn.pw/sanfreo-euroling.ht

next is actually recording some of what it sounds like and making some final adjustments

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Children, by nature, are keen, passionate and curious. What was referred to as laziness is often merely an awakening of sensitivity, a psychological inability to submit to certain absurd duties, and a natural result of the distorted, unbalanced education given to them. This laziness, which leads to an insuperable reluctance to learn, is, contrary to appearances, sometimes proof of intellectual superiority and a condemnation of the teacher.
-- Octave Mirbeau

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ideas grown in gardens,
virtual or not,
can still be left alone to rot,
but if cutlings can be made someway,
propogate i say!
propogate today!

how do you generate (analog) white noise from scratch? today i learned about zener diodes and the avalanche effect


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thai pepper garlic spicy eggplants pickles ready to go! we have pickle exchange party on Sunday so getting ready to trade 😊


i just started watching moritz klein's videos on how circuit and schematics for various synthesizer components - youtube.com/channel/UCzfW6SlNE - very excited to try out building some filters

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: Hi! I spend a lot of time thinking about alternative (modern; legal; hybrid; non-hierarchical; cooperative; empowered; equitable; sustainable; collaborative; impermanent; impactful) organizational structures through which folks can make the world a better place.

I also make music, write on my blog, play with video art, and play games with friends.

Nice to meet you! πŸ‘‹

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