as if learning orca wasn't hard enough. now try it on acid 😂

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was testing out a different dithering library and accidentally created this glitch

🧄🌶️🧅 tonight we are making korean style jangajji banchan pickles!

1️⃣ serrano and shiitake
2️⃣ serrano, garlic and spring onion
3️⃣ jalapeño and shiitake
4️⃣ jalapeño and spring onion

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i started a class on building your own synthesizers from scratch. our first week, the prompt was to record something that sounds like a thunderstorm without using any samples of actual thunder or rain. i ended up just writing a song around it and as per usual, designed a little logo for the song using dotgrid ^__^

i just finished and really enjoyed this graphic novel "logicomix" 🖼️📔 I'd recommend it to anyone interested in math, logic, or philosophy, or any interest in related thinkers and their histories 🧮♾️ it's also full of beautiful art

where cross platform just means developing on different distros or OS. e.g. i have the same project but work on ubuntu, arch, windows, macOS. but the package managers evidentially prefix this header file location with a different folder name?

my current approach works, but its kind of annoying to me, given that each OS has its own package manager with some slightly different folder name. is this a problem with *-dev/header packages for other libraries too? i feel i'm missing something simple

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how do cross platform C projects ensure their included headers are present in the same prefix when compiling on different machines?

For example, today I found that using a package manager gave me one prefix, e.g. foo/bar.h where foo is the value in question. then compiling with default ./configure options for the same package, gave me a different value, e.g. baz/bar.h

Right now I'm just resorting to ensure any required libs are compiled from source each time.

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I’ve been carefully studying these quince buds blooming and it is the highlight of my waking life lately. Some of them have reached their peak and are now slowly, but surely, withering and dying. To notice its swift, silent departure after fulfilling its promise of peak bloom.

Flowers do not bloom for anyone but themselves.

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rewatched ghost in the shell (1995) last night. I forgot how incredibly visually stunning that movie is. and also so visually influencial. i also just realized for the first time, that batou's eyes seem like a direct reference to molly's description in neuromancer

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no one:

absolutely no one:

me: ok plant gods 🌱 i will totally catalog all our house plants with intricate notes about their needs with dithered photos of each one 🙈

update: boiling for 60 seconds keeps them tight. no surprise! much better.

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update: no heat method didn't really stick as well as i liked. onto boiling.

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i signed up for a 9 week virtual DIY synth creation workshop from dogbotic. i'm so stoked!

i haven't done much electrical engineering before, don't have a solder iron, etc. so i hope this will be an easy start to trying out more hands on EE stuff

are there factorio players here? would love to collaboratively visually program in cyberspace through an avatar together. i mean play factorio. oh wait.

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