ORCΛ on the top of HN! nice @neauoire

i've been thinking lately about making a little tutorial A-Z site for all the different orca functions. i realized i could iframe in the web version of orca to show what an example looks like, but now am realizing that as someone new to orca, you kinda of need to have a synth attached to it to get a feel for what it might do.

i looked into pilot and seeing if could hack it to work in a browser, but feels like it might not be a great fit per se

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@metasyn I would love a tutorial! If you do it, I'm totally in.

@metasyn what, really?! link? I have no idea how to use hackernews X(((

@neauoire ppl can just submit stuff and get its upvoted. i think orca has been on there before too!

@metasyn I just watched the videos you shared on the post, THEY RE AMAZING! I hadn't seen them *__*

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