I started making an ORCA tutorial site. I also rigged up enfer to work in the same browser page ^___^

@neauoire <3

@metasyn It would be nice if you could like, have a list of examples on the left that you can click and open in orca!

@neauoire totally! I hadn't figured out the best way to hook into the orca client to load externally.

I only had to make two changes to orca and enfer to get this to work, which was making the clients attached to window.

Then I just manually override/monkeypatch the outputDevice() in orca's midi and link that to enfer's IO module.

@metasyn Can't you access client via window without having to see it again?

@metasyn Oh no, you're right, these are just the function declarations. I could probably add the setting in the master!

@neauoire You can access the function/constructor (Client) but not the already created variable.

I wanted make as little interaction with orca until I got feed back on ideas that would require making any changes to orca itself:

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