I've been always intrigued by video game design but have never really taken the time to learn. I'm a software engineer and feel comfortable learning new languages, but the guis kinda terrify me. I kinda feel like I should just bite the bullet and learn unity or something.

Does anyone here have recommendations for making your first game? Everyone always says to start small. It's funny because when I talk to people about my interests they're like... Why don't you make video games 😂

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@metasyn by GUIs do you mean the GUIs of game engines, or the task of programming graphics?

@changbai I meant the GUIs of game engines. I've done a tiny tiny bit of graphics work and visualization related stuff but not really that much 😬

@metasyn mmm I see! I'd say if you want to start quickly, screw game engines and start with a language you are familiar with. Then you can focus on the design side rather than learning a new tool.

@metasyn it also depends on what kind of video game design you are into. I find card game and board games to be the most useful for practicing game mechanics design and player interactions. It's just so much easier to iterate on pen and paper. If you are into stories then Twine is a better tool. If you are into level design for a particular genre / game then u can skip the game engines or codes and instead find a level editor (think CS:GO custom maps, Mario Maker, the Warcraft 3 editor...)

@metasyn you can try godot engine which has a more simple interface instead of unity or unreal. It's easy to learn, open source anf lots of resources. And to start you can try a tic tac toe, match 3, 2d platformer :)

@Erjaeger I will check it out! I had also looked at haxe which seemed cool and maybe pretty versatile?

@metasyn @Erjaeger Haxe is pretty cool and has a few game frameworks (like HaxeFlixel or Haxepunk) that I've used to make little games before.

It's very similar to the old Flash Actionscript model, which is what I started with in games - I remember struggling a bit with figuring out how to compile things the first time, but once you get past that you can compile Haxe games for a lot of different platforms. I only cared about web / desktop, which are both supported.

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