Kind of interesting to see where this instance is situated to the rest of the fediverse

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@metasyn Hm was hoping to find out where we are relative to the bulk of the network, whether there is some vast network out there that we barely see most of the time, and how we're unique among the lot, but it only shows the people who we're close to, so it's as far as possible from answering that question

@faun if you just do the search from first, there is a moment, albeit it short, where is highlighted in a purple circle before it zooms in, which gives you a better idea of its location on the larger graph

@metasyn I managed to get a global map but I don't think it's representing adjacency in any readable way.

If it did, would be the center, rather than us, instead it's way off to the side. There seems to be some very dense cluster in the opposite direction to from us which is very odd.

Amused at the idea of using something like this to automatically place everyone in the fediverse onto a merveilles-antimerveilles political spectrum based on their distance from us

@faun yeah - i am not sure how they're choosing to graphically show adjacency. it seems like they choose some polarizing coordinates - maybe that ended up making clusters a bit more stretched out. in the past when i've used graphing viz like that, some configurations that are arbitrary end up making the actual ending results a lot more interpretable, even though the axes so to speak are basically arbitrary.

for the dense cluster you're referencing, i bet its a server level policy 🤔

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