I've never really asked on here... but is there any type of array programming interest in merveilles? Given that there is a lot of esotericism and joy in learning languages, I'd be curious if there are people who like or use J/K/APL/Q?

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when I first started learning orca it reminded me a lot of APL & its family of languages.

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@metasyn APL is fun to watch people write, probably less so to actually do yourself. I really wish there were more programming videos that were just explicit descriptions line by line like some of the APL demos.

@inscript if you like writing math equations, I feel like it can be kinda fun. Like the first time you learn sigma, pi notation for summation and product, or the integral symbol maybe haha. It is sooo terse though

@metasyn hm is Jai in this genre? Is WithEve in this genre?

i haven't used them - but its usually pretty obvious if they're similar: this doesn't look very similar to me - where witheve looks more lispy with the code-as-data - but since i haven't used them they might have more in common than i know about

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