i think i'm going to start a serious effort of removing *all* google products from my life. i feel like i'm so far down the rabbit hole already, ugh, but one step at a time.

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@aynish i've kind of been meaning to for a long time! but its nice when there are people to suggest alternatives. or just ask you why you really think you need something lol

@metasyn i have plenty of alternatives if youre able to self host :) the only google service i use is youtube, but even then its generally through newpipe, kodi or invidious

let me know if i can offer a hand!

@aynish thanks! i use google fi and have a pixel 3 - i'm trying to figure out if i can get graphene os on it, but i think i'll need to switch carriers to get a sim card that works with them.

otherwise i think i'm just gonna use nextcloud to replace drive/calendar/contacts, but i'm not sure about photos. the auto sync between my phone & google photos is really slick, i'm not sure what to replace it with

@metasyn sounds you know exactly what to do!

you can setup nextcloud to do auto uploads as well, its worked quite reliably for me. there's also syncthing but it's less nice for photos imo

@aynish i tried syncthing out for a while when i was considering using it for note syncing, but i found it kinda cumbersome on mobile.

but thanks for the advice on the nextcloud sync, i didn't know that!

@metasyn hah, thats mostly what i use syncthing for now! im mad because i cant get nix-on-droid to read the rest of the file system... which means i gotta switch to git for notes

@metasyn yeah !

I've followed that path as well a few months ago, and it feels really good to let Google behind tbh.

In the same vibe I started to self host as much as I could to not depend on big companies owned services.

My only regret is that my phone isn't Lineage OS compatible so that will come later...

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