@neauoire This got me to spend some time poking at Orca. Not able to wrap my head around it yet, though.

Have you ever used Orca for purely visual effects? I'm wondering if it's possible to build something in the spirit of github.com/batman-nair/IRCIS/b

@akkartik Oh, yeah, in Orca the NSEW operators are called the "cardinals" and they allow for doing something like that.


@neauoire I took a second pass through the maze, and this time I ended up at wiki.xxiivv.com/site/orca.html rather than 100r.co/site/orca.html. Docs from former + web version link from latter = progress! I see how adding a digit next to 'D' changes the rate at which it pulses. Baby steps..


@akkartik I made a sort of tutorial site a little ways back that tries to start explaining orca more from first principles - it also has some examples you can load and the tutorial slides - maybe you will find it useful! metasyn.github.io/learn-orca

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@metasyn @akkartik

that fasterthanli.me site is really good and informative

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