i purchased a highly discounted ergodox ez split mechanical keyboard from a coworker and wow.... im at like eight wpm hahah. i didn't think ortholinear would feel as weird as it does. just learning qwerty is taking so long i wonder if i should just learn a different layout since it basically feels like i'm learning a new layout anyway 🤔

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@metasyn I just purchased one of these but it has yet to be shipped. So, it’s really different? This will be interesting. I saw on their website that they have a couple learning-typing games to go through.

@vortex_egg yeah it surprised me. I used a semi-split keyboard (ms sculpt) for around 3 years at work so the split part is ok. I just feel like if I have to do learning typing games maybe I should invest in learning an actual new layout that is better. Otherwise the qwerty part makes my brain go back to treating it like a normal keyboard instead of using layers

@metasyn I'm learning QGMLWB for my ortho. very slowly.

@whtrbt how is it coming along? would you recommend it?

@metasyn give me a couple more weeks and I'll have more of an idea - still getting used to it. :)

@metasyn ergodox really is an adventure, and honestly the default keymap is *terrible* even for qwerty
learning a new one may not be a terrible idea hahaha

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