thai pepper garlic spicy eggplants pickles ready to go! we have pickle exchange party on Sunday so getting ready to trade 😊

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@metasyn Nice! I've already finished one of the jars I made of cucumber and onion pickles with your recipe, it was great! :)

@bd yay! I'm glad you liked them. I think the onions and jalapenos came out best but am less sold on the mushrooms 😅

@metasyn I'll make sure to avoid the mushrooms in the future then, want to try with some peppers for the next batch!

@bd I might've messed up using cremini instead of shiitake. I've made pickled mushrooms in the past that were good but yeah... maybe your mileage will vary 😂 peppers for sure though 🥵


pickle exchange party sounds like a good time!

@metasyn oh my god! those look AMAZING

a pickle exchange is something i never knew i wanted but now desperately desire!!

@metasyn woah what is the process for something like this

@Preston this one's a vietnamese recipe and it's pretty easy. I can add amounts if you want. you salt the cut and peeled eggplants and let them sit for an hour. mix sugar, white vinegar, water, garlic, and thai peppers over heat until the sugar dissolves. rinse the salt off the eggplant, pack into jars, remove the brine from the heat, mix in some fish sauce, pour it over. then burp it the jars for a few days and then you refrigerate! they get pretty spicy after a few weeks 😈🥵🌶️

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