Replaced the ear pads on my headphones. Again. Good headphones have replaceable parts and can last a long time. (This ear pad size is common, and many models use it. Replacements are just a few dollars.)

@cancel nice! I have these same ones and also replace the cups. my headband is getting weird though, do you know of good replacements for that part?

@metasyn Remove the plastic clips on the headband sides (screwdriver to remove the screws) and then cut off the original headband with a knife. It will come off easily if it's already disintegrating. There are pre-made replacements on Amazon (and probably other places) or you can cut your own from fabric and glue it on. Audio Technica might also sell it as a part, I'm not sure. (I think the original ATH-M50 headband material is kinda crap, so replacing it with something else might be better.)

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