Anthropic are looking for a data visualization specialist, the one who will make the lamps and lenses by which these murky caves of wonder could for the first time be seen

Anthropic is a new AI alignment research organization, a large part of their approach is the development of interpretability: trying to understand how neural nets structure themselves. Frankly, it's responsible as fuck, and, hearing them talk about it, fascinating

I wasn't interested in neural networks until I heard this interview. Now I'm *really* interested. I'm considering applying. If the interest hasn't died off in a month I probably will reach out and at least describe my view of what it is the visualization spec has to create, I'm not sure it's exactly what they think it is, it is not like most visualization jobs


@faun oh nice! i've eyed some of their openings before; chris olah is fucking incredible, and the whole company has pretty laudable goals. i hope you do apply!

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