🌱 :merveilles: :tealheart:

over the last week i ported the C based emulator and assembler into webassembly and javascript using

i also added a parser and syntax highligher. it runs the majority of the roms in the main uxn repo! give it a try and let me know what you think

@metasyn wooow, this is great! nice way of lowering the barrier of entry :tealheart:

> this isn't permacomputing: correct
haha :P

@metasyn This may be cursed but it works really well! Editing/assembling changes is instant and the controls work perfectly!! :tealheart:

@neauoire yay! it still has some rough edges but i thought it was close enough to done to share. now to actually learn uxn! >__<

@metasyn there's more code in this website than in the entire Varvara system. You should be alright ;)


I wonder how much of that is emscripten. Perhaps an AssemblyScript port could be leaner, and handwritten wasm even more so. Both would also a lot more work of course.

@metasyn Oh wow, I found code of my own in there! I remembered it to be broken, so some kind soul must have fixed it. Thank you, whoever you are!

@metasyn wow this is fucking incredible! I haven't been able to play with any of the Uxn stuff till rn (cause of some computer issues) so this becoming available in browsers is so 💯

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