Prospect (2018) was incredible. I think it was maybe my favorite movie I watched in 2020

🎹 ✨ here is me on the moog dfam and mother32 recording a new track titled: "omfg its almost advent of code day 7 ACAB 4EVER" 😛

Some modular origami I made about 7 years ago. I still have the one on the right in my room I think somehow

today we made kimchi! 김치

ㄱ K


got a vegan japanese cook book. the author wasn't japanese but seems self aware and the photos are inspiring to cook! we'll see if the recipes are any good 🌿


this boat was v merveilles to me haha

my friend bought me this small case, not even knowing it was for hanafuda. i just realized that the deck fits, its too perfect ✨

we are all growing, alive, drinking water, alive, and also dying. isn't it cool to do that together

Organized! Still missing a few connections because my patch cables were too short

first time trying out arch. kinda neat!

i wanted to run a pihole server on this old rpi sitting around but figured its a good excuse to try a new distro

I spent a bit of time actually adding some content to this learning orca site.

I also added most of the examples from the repo & made some snippets runnable like you suggested @neauoire

Tested out an idea to get PILOT working in the browser today ^__^ its kinda hacky but it works @neauoire

Trying to find a way to side step midi & UDP at the same time so I can just run pilot & orca in the same web page together 🤔


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