🧄🌶️🧅 tonight we are making korean style jangajji banchan pickles!

1️⃣ serrano and shiitake
2️⃣ serrano, garlic and spring onion
3️⃣ jalapeño and shiitake
4️⃣ jalapeño and spring onion

i just finished and really enjoyed this graphic novel "logicomix" 🖼️📔 I'd recommend it to anyone interested in math, logic, or philosophy, or any interest in related thinkers and their histories 🧮♾️ it's also full of beautiful art

rewatched ghost in the shell (1995) last night. I forgot how incredibly visually stunning that movie is. and also so visually influencial. i also just realized for the first time, that batou's eyes seem like a direct reference to molly's description in neuromancer

no one:

absolutely no one:

me: ok plant gods 🌱 i will totally catalog all our house plants with intricate notes about their needs with dithered photos of each one 🙈


update: boiling for 60 seconds keeps them tight. no surprise! much better.

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update: no heat method didn't really stick as well as i liked. onto boiling.

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biked to the baths today. overcast but a good time nonetheless. this is only 15 min from my new place! not pictured: snax y boissons y comrade

sutro baths always make me feel a special something. a time forgotten, ravaged by the sea, but still here to remind us of what used to be. i know ppl used to throw shows in the tunnel here but ive never been to one

Prospect (2018) was incredible. I think it was maybe my favorite movie I watched in 2020

🎹 ✨ here is me on the moog dfam and mother32 recording a new track titled: "omfg its almost advent of code day 7 ACAB 4EVER" 😛

Some modular origami I made about 7 years ago. I still have the one on the right in my room I think somehow

today we made kimchi! 김치

ㄱ K


got a vegan japanese cook book. the author wasn't japanese but seems self aware and the photos are inspiring to cook! we'll see if the recipes are any good 🌿


this boat was v merveilles to me haha

my friend bought me this small case, not even knowing it was for hanafuda. i just realized that the deck fits, its too perfect ✨

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