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@aynish @huxel this is how i started journaling again, just plain text files! i think the first thing is to start writing, and worrying about tooling later. the things you find annoying will become more obvious as you write more, and that we you don't optimize prematurely

@jaj @stux are you trying to tell me that everything shouldn't be react in an electron app with redux and refuckerify and ... heresey!!!

@stux everytime i go revisit a npm based project i wrote and find out that everything is full of vulnerabilities, and everything breaks when i update, and i'm like, what the literal fuck was i thinking

@royniang i agree with you... except for html tables. for some reason, i fucking hate html tables lol

@grey @dualhammers @jplebreton i think the conclusion of the book is a bit broader than that; i'm not sure how quickly i could paraphrase (i loanded out my copy), but i remember it critiquing folk politics, and suggesting that bigger ideas and longer term thinking were crucial. its worth a read imo!

@grey @dualhammers @jplebreton "inventing the future" is also a relevant read for the vision of the future left... if you haven't checked it out already 🛠️

@aynish i've used pytest for a years and now its a go to for me whenever i start a new project. while i don't use all the tools listed, i think this guide covers a lot of modern stuff!


🐍 💚

@rezmason that sounds challenging! i hope your move goes smoothly

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Finished a really intense and anxiety-inducing track for my band blood and dust yesterday

@sir unless you count that as a loan word I guess?

@sir cha (as in tea) is from sanskrit which is IE

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today i finished writing my rss feed generator in nim for my wiki. its kinda cool to see that rss still feels valuable and relevant after all these years... also it was really easy to write in !

i was explaining rss to a friend, and he was like, it sounds like you're just trying to re-create social media. i thought it was funny, because before centralized platforms like fb etc, things like rss and personal websites *were* the social parts of the web

got a vegan japanese cook book. the author wasn't japanese but seems self aware and the photos are inspiring to cook! we'll see if the recipes are any good 🌿

@royniang wait wouldn't unstaged changes that would be overwritten throw a branch change error?

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