@bd nice! I just tested a few and the onions and peppers were my favorite. I'm less sure about the mushrooms haha

🧄🌶️🧅 tonight we are making korean style jangajji banchan pickles!

1️⃣ serrano and shiitake
2️⃣ serrano, garlic and spring onion
3️⃣ jalapeño and shiitake
4️⃣ jalapeño and spring onion

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@aynish go is kinda fun but you should give nim a try if you haven't! its for some reason one of the most enjoyable languages i've ever used

i started a class on building your own synthesizers from scratch. our first week, the prompt was to record something that sounds like a thunderstorm without using any samples of actual thunder or rain. i ended up just writing a song around it and as per usual, designed a little logo for the song using dotgrid ^__^


@jrc03c ah i see. yeah. it is a hard game! my partner accidentally deleted my save so we've been going through the game again together recently. its kinda fun to re go through stuff, but yeah, i was i think where you at when i stopped now that i think about it 🤔

@jrc03c have you already done the divine beast challenges? I think they way they give you permanent powers really makes the next one that much easier and is like a huge step function wrt to the overall difficulty (e.g. miphas grace gives you a second life which is super useful for the rest of the game). I do feel like I just did some shrine grinding though to get 7 or 8 hearts, after which, harder enemies can't one-shot you

@pablo_escobar bummer, I really enjoyed it. but to each their own!

i just finished and really enjoyed this graphic novel "logicomix" 🖼️📔 I'd recommend it to anyone interested in math, logic, or philosophy, or any interest in related thinkers and their histories 🧮♾️ it's also full of beautiful art

@csepp turns out its just a version difference; the debian package is on IM 6 but I was using 7, and they have different folder naming conventions between versions i guess.

re: nix/guix, that looks a bit too complicated to me for right now. it would be nice to pin random libraries/packages so i don't run into things like this though. maybe someday! i think i'll try to do my dotfiles first before using nix in project... the npm thing is just for eslint + config so its not important at all

@csepp when I install ImageMagick - I think it's prefixed as "wand" when I got install the debian package. but installing from source without prefix gives "MagickWand" for the folder like I'm using it here I'm using it here git.sr.ht/~metasyn/memex/tree/

it's not complicated to fix immediately but I don't really know how ppl normally deal with stuff like this. maybe just use build tools like you suggest as soon as you need anything 😅

where cross platform just means developing on different distros or OS. e.g. i have the same project but work on ubuntu, arch, windows, macOS. but the package managers evidentially prefix this header file location with a different folder name?

my current approach works, but its kind of annoying to me, given that each OS has its own package manager with some slightly different folder name. is this a problem with *-dev/header packages for other libraries too? i feel i'm missing something simple

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how do cross platform C projects ensure their included headers are present in the same prefix when compiling on different machines?

For example, today I found that using a package manager gave me one prefix, e.g. foo/bar.h where foo is the value in question. then compiling with default ./configure options for the same package, gave me a different value, e.g. baz/bar.h

Right now I'm just resorting to ensure any required libs are compiled from source each time.

@morgan nice! I really enjoyed it. maybe I'll give it a re-read 🤓


lol too bad
you'll never escape us
we C E N T E R E D


I enjoyed reading "from bits and gates to c and beyond" to help map between all the lower level pieces and a higher level programming language. it's very dated but i think still very relevant for getting a better working mental model of hardware and computer architecture. I'm not sure that's exactly what you're looking for but it at least helped me. pdfs can be found easily but happy to share mine too 🖥️

@birdstare I absolutely adore this movie. I haven't finished watching the tatami galaxy yet. have you watched it also?

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I’ve been carefully studying these quince buds blooming and it is the highlight of my waking life lately. Some of them have reached their peak and are now slowly, but surely, withering and dying. To notice its swift, silent departure after fulfilling its promise of peak bloom.

Flowers do not bloom for anyone but themselves.

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