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felt a bit uninspired today, i lacked motivation. i spent an hour looking through a few personal wikis from people on merveilles and it made me quite happy and decided i will now call a bunch of you "inspirators" ✨🌿

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Hi friends, I'm inscript. I'm a theorist and writer. My background is in the history of digital audio and critical theory. I'm interested in philosophy, electronic music, and programming language theory. Glad to be here.

Organized! Still missing a few connections because my patch cables were too short

I have an unexpected day off work today. Time to ORGANIZE ALL SYNTHESIZERS 🎹

I just got a new dfam and subharmonicon that I'm getting going

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"A federated, decentralized system of free associations ... seems to be the appropriate form of social organization for an advanced technological society in which humans do not have to be forced into the position of tools, of cogs in the machine."

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"No masters, no gods" in Arabic by Syrian Calligrapher Mouneer Al Shaarani

first time trying out arch. kinda neat!

i wanted to run a pihole server on this old rpi sitting around but figured its a good excuse to try a new distro

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Im looking for software engineering opportunities. Located in Belgium, remote would be ideal. Main skills are around JavaScript / react

I was talking about solarpunk today to my partner and we decided to read the solarpunk manifesto.

Have any of ya'll read it? What do you think? Does it represent "the solarpunk community" ?

i made a more merveilles style avatar ^__^v

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@autophagy @royniang @kor spent 5+ hours last night going through various project's ya'll have put online. i am feeling very inspired, excited, existential, emotional 🌱

i wanted to say: thank you for putting so much of yourself online - from the photography to wiki and trackers and software and iot and so much else ✨ i hope you have a fabulous week

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imagine explaining the housing crisis to someone who didnt live during capitalism

me: there are hundreds of thousands of people who sleep without shelter in cities every night

guy from 1000AD: that sounds bad. is there not enough construction material?

me: no theres actually a surplus of houses but a few people own most of them and refuse to rent or sell them at affordable prices for 99% of the population because they think the houses will be worth more money in a few years

guy from 1000AD:

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Kind of interesting to see where this instance is situated to the rest of the fediverse

this museum looks amazing. especially the digital design and architecture related stuff

Added some more stuff on learn-orca! This part on percussion is pretty fun I think

Also added a link for people using no script so you can read the static version.

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Hate driven development

I hate computers so deeply that it drives me to write software in an attempt to fix this godawful fucking mess that we're in

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Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.