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today i finished writing my rss feed generator in nim for my wiki. its kinda cool to see that rss still feels valuable and relevant after all these years... also it was really easy to write in !

i was explaining rss to a friend, and he was like, it sounds like you're just trying to re-create social media. i thought it was funny, because before centralized platforms like fb etc, things like rss and personal websites *were* the social parts of the web

got a vegan japanese cook book. the author wasn't japanese but seems self aware and the photos are inspiring to cook! we'll see if the recipes are any good 🌿

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this boat was v merveilles to me haha

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i think i'm going to start a serious effort of removing *all* google products from my life. i feel like i'm so far down the rabbit hole already, ugh, but one step at a time. is now being produced by - written in

made some actual progress on my wiki over the last couple days. i've gotten it now so that i can add pages easily and they'll be rendered and deployed with very little work. i'm trying out sourcehut's build services to automatically deploy the site after building it.

there is so much beauty in transience and fragility. whatever complexity we are proud of, or adore, are really just whatever we, or it, came from 🌿

when I first started learning orca it reminded me a lot of APL & its family of languages.

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I've never really asked on here... but is there any type of array programming interest in merveilles? Given that there is a lot of esotericism and joy in learning languages, I'd be curious if there are people who like or use J/K/APL/Q?

my friend bought me this small case, not even knowing it was for hanafuda. i just realized that the deck fits, its too perfect ✨

Jamming to @Pulsaare 's neuvoids 😀

⚡ 🥁 🥁 🎛️ 🎧 🎛️ 🥁 🥁 ⚡

i'm just getting started on my wiki/memex - but made some progress today - now i can write pages in markdown and they'll be rendered with the same templates. i also now calculate back references (or incoming links) from other pages in the wiki, and also added file modification time to each page too

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